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Tell us what you think about the
WHHS Cable Channel 6 Bulletin Board!

We value your comments and suggestions.

Please choose from the drop down menus to complete each statement/question.


  • I am a 

  • My age is

  • I have viewed WHHS Cable Channel 6 Bulletin Board

  • If you are a frequent viewer, about how often do you tune in?

  • Do you watch the complete cycle of Bulletin Board during one sitting or only a portion each time you tune in?

The WHHS Bulletin Board contains postings pertaining to the Harrison County Schools as well as the Cynthiana -Harrison County Community. 

Please rate the following post categories in order of importance with
1 being the most important and 10 being of least importance to you.

  • School Event Postings

  • Channel 6 Programming Postings

  • Parent/Student Tips for Success Postings

  • School Employment Opportunities Postings

  • Classroom Photo Postings

  • School Announcement Postings

  • General School Awareness Postings

  • Adult Education Postings

  • Sporting Event Postings

  • Fund Raising/Charitable Event Postings

  • Community Announcement Postings

  • Community Event Postings

The Bulletin Board Design

Please rate the following design elements with
1 being the best quality and 10 being the poorest quality.

  • Arrangement of Slides

  • Background Color (white)

  • Background Color (use of watermark photos)

  • Slide Layout

  • Lettering Size

  • Lettering Color

  • Lettering Variations (various sizes/colors on one slide)

  • Titles

  • Photos

  • Use of Graphics/Clip Art

  • Words Per Slide

  • Timing of Individual Slide Movement/Change

  • Entire Length of Slide Show (amount of time to complete one loop)

  • Overall Design/Layout


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Thank you for your time.
We appreciate your opinion and hope to use these results to better your viewing experience.


Bulletin Board

Community and school postings for Bulletin Board should be emailed to bulletin.board@harrison.kyschools.us

All postings should be submitted 7 days
prior to posting.

For more information or to phone in a posting,
please contact Melissa Shepard at 234-7110.

Fax: (859)234-0861


Tune in between scheduled programming for school and community announcements, event schedules and information.

Be sure to watch for new updates!



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