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Eastside Elementary Technology Resource Specialist.
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Home of the Eastside Broncos

Upcoming Events

3/2 Eastside Art Day
3/22 Eastside 3M STEM Night

Eastside Dairy Queen Night is the second Tuesday of the month.


Our Future is so Bright Here at Eastside!
Kid dressed up  Kid dressed up
 Future Football Players                                       Future Movie Star
Kid dressed up Kid dressed up
Future Construction Worker                                   Future Doctors
Kid dressed upKid dressed up
Future Lifeguard                                         Future Teacher
Kid dressed upKid dressed up
Future Doctors                                   Future Teachers
Kid dressed upKid dressed up
Future 911 Dispatcher                   Future Super Hero
Kid dressed upKid dressed up
Future Football Player                         Future Magician
Future 911 Dispatcher Kids Dressed UP
Future Military                                      Future Swat Team
Future Principal
Future  Boss (Principal)




Melissa Miles  Principal

1226 US Highway 62 East
Cynthiana KY 41031
Phone: (859)234-7121




Harrison County Schools
Bully Hotline

Our Mission

The mission of Eastside Elementary is to create a learning environment that promotes high standards of academic achievement, teaches responsibility, fosters creativity, builds self esteem, and provides leadership opportunities for all students.








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