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2017 - 2018

Dress Code: Adopted May 2004
Revised May 2011, December 2014, 4/19/2017

All Harrison County Middle School students are expected to be in compliance with the guidelines of the school dress code.  The Principal, under certain circumstances, may grant temporary waivers.

New modifications for the 2017-18 school year:
1. FLEECE pullovers will NOT need to be solid color.
2. A collared shirt does NOT need to be under a fleece pullover; ONLY A CREWNECK T-shirt.
3. Friday “Jeans Day” Dress code change: *currently, students who qualified for Friday Jeans Day had to wear “Harrison County attire” with their jeans. Starting 2017-18, ANY sweatshirt or CREW-neck T-shirt may be worn (still no inappropriate messaging- alcohol, drugs, gang, etc.). * T-shirts and dress code compliant tops MUST still remain tucked on the Friday Jeans Day.
4. ONLY CREW-neck T-shirts are acceptable. No “scoop-neck/low-cut” T-shirts allowed.

HCMS Dress Code guidelines

a. Must be solid color
b. Must be collared – turtleneck or mock turtleneck is considered a collared shirt
c. Must have long or short sleeves (no sleeveless)
d. If a logo is present it can be no larger than a credit card
e. Must be knit, cotton, or oxford cloth style
f. Solid color shirts may have a contrasting color on the collar and the sleeve band. (Ex. White shirt with navy collar and sleeve band or the collar may have a contrasting design such as a stripe or geometric design
g. Must be tucked inside pants, shorts, or skirts and top of pockets should remain visible. (Students should not wear clothing, which cannot under regular use be kept tucked into the pants). Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
h. Fleece pullovers (including zipped) may be worn over dress code compliant shirt or a crew neck t-shirt. No “hooded” fleece except on administrator announced “dress down” days.
i. Only a crew neck, solid color t-shirt may be worn under the polo (no tank tops or camisoles). If no t-shirt is worn, no more than 2 buttons may be unbuttoned.

Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Dresses or Jumpers
a. Must be navy blue, khaki, or black
b. If the pants, shorts, or skirts have belt loops, a belt must be worn. A belt is not necessary if there are not belt loops. *Removal of belt loops to avoid wearing a belt is prohibited.
c. No jeans of any color. (Except on Jeans/Rewards Days) Corduroy is acceptable as long as they do not violate the pocket rule (see d).
d. Pants, shorts, skirts or jumpers may only have 5 standard pockets at the waist and hip area (2 front, 2 back, 1 coin/watch pocket). No cargo pockets of any kind will be permitted
e. No bibbed pants, shorts, or jumpers.
f. Pants may not cover the shoe or drag the floor.
g. No fad fabrics such as spandex, Lycra, leather, wet-look, mesh, sheer, metallic, fishnet, knit, or any fabric, which stretches. This includes any kind of sweat pant or jogging pant.
h. There will be no decoration on any pants (stitching, jewels, etc).
i. Pants and dresses must pass the flamingo test. (Leg bent with lower leg parallel to the floor with knees touching, skirt or shorts must touch the back of the calf of the bent leg).
j. No splits above the knee.
k. Pants must be appropriately sized.
l. No sagging.

Cardigan, Crewneck, V-neck Sweaters and Sweatshirts
a. May be worn over the collared or turtleneck shirt. If it is worn over the shirt it does not have to be tucked into the pants but it may not cover pant pockets.
b. Must be a solid color (may have a contrasting color on the collar and sleeve band).
c. No vest of any kind.
d. No t-shirts, ribbed shirts, or thermal shirts over polo.

a. Shoelaces must be tied tight at all times.
b. Clogs will be allowed. Closed toe, open backed shoes are acceptable.

Miscellaneous Items
a. No undergarments can be visible. Stomach cannot be exposed. Students should not wear clothing, which cannot under regular use, be kept tucked into the pants.
b. All hats are to be removed upon entering the building.
c. Other items such as sun glasses, bandannas, scarves, sweatbands, combs, rakes, picks, or rollers are not to be worn at school.
d. Coats, oversized shirts, hats, etc., are to be stored in the locker during the day.
e. Book bags, backpacks, pouches, fanny packs, laptop cases, messenger bags, etc., are to be stored in the locker during the school day. Oversize purses may be required to be stored in the locker.
f. Non-jewelry chains, including chains attached to wallets or purses may not be worn. Questionable jewelry shall be referred to the office.
g. HCMS students may wear any Harrison County Schools. (high school, middle school, elementary school) article of clothing AS LONG AS it is HCMS dress code compliant. Harrison County logos or designs are exempted as long as the article of clothing is otherwise dress code compliant.

Only HCMS extracurricular activities that are sanctioned through the HCMS SBDMC may wear their team or club shirts that may not be compliant with the HCMS regular dress code. This may only be done on game or meeting days. If an event is scheduled for the weekend, shirts may be worn on Friday. HCMS SBDMC sanctioned extracurricular activities include boys and girls basketball, soccer, track, football, volleyball, cheerleading, archery, band, art club, STLP, academic team, speech team, FFA, FCA, KUNA, etc., h. Students must remain in compliance with dress code until they leave the school premises unless otherwise approved by school personnel.

 i. If any article of clothing or accessory worn in the building leads to confusion or misunderstanding, school administration can/will make the final decision as to its appropriateness.

Friday Dress Code:
Jeans can be worn by those that qualify PLUS they can wear any sweatshirt, t-shirt (regular collar; not low cut) or dress code compliant shirt. T-shirts and dress code compliant shirts must remain tucked with a belt. “Hoodies” can be worn but the hood must be down during the school day for identification purposes. Remember, students can lose jeans for misbehavior, lack of work turned in, etc. If an adult in the building has taken their jeans day, the student must remain in full dress code that particular Friday. Again, please note that Friday Dress Code is earned; not guaranteed.
Properly fitting jeans.
Solid color jeans.
No holes in jeans.
If wearing a T-shirt:
Only “traditional” crew-neck t-shirts (no scoop neck).
No offensive/drug/alcohol messaging

Administration reserves the right to restrict any clothing that, in their professional opinion, interrupts the educational process beyond the aforementioned rules.

If a teacher is conducting a special class activity that requires special attire, the staff member will seek prior approval from the administration and contact the parents in writing in advance about the event and type of clothing. New students will have a grace period to comply with the dress code. The allotted time will be determined by the administration. The wearing of any attire, cosmetics, presentation of extraordinary personal appearance, or any unsanitary body conditions, which in the judgment of the school administration, significantly disrupts school work, interrupts scholastic endeavors, or threatens the health/welfare of the students, will not be tolerated.

We have made clear what our goals are and what we expect. Teenagers by nature like to push issues to the edge, we understand. However, to save you money and aggravation, we encourage parents to make sure that what you buy is totally compliant.


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