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In Our School

Our teachers use technology every day in the classroom.  Each classroom has a projector, a document camera, 1-2 iPads, and a laptop for student use.  Many teachers have additional desktop computers for student use as well. 

There is an iPad cart that rotates amongst the Kindergarten through 3rd Grade classrooms. Teachers have a specific time each week that they can use this resource with their students.

Teachers utilize the computer lab with their classroom when there are no computer classes in session.  They use this time to work with individual students while the others are using an online program to enhance the classroom instruction.



4th and 5th Grade now have a Chromebook cart to share amongst their grade level.  Each student in those grade levels has an opportunity to use this technology daily.

We now have a greenscreen that is being used in the computer lab.  Students use the cameras and different backgrounds to take pictures and create videos for our school.




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