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Hot Shots of our Happy Campers!!!
  Digital Art Submissions  

Self Portrait

by Hailey H.

I used Drawing Desk on the iPad.  I used a stylus to draw my picture in Sketch Desk.



by Cameron P.

At first I drew it out on paper.  It looked good, so I drew it on Drawing Desk on the iPad.  I used a stylus to draw it in Sketch Desk. 

  Original Photo Submissions  

Inside the Box

By Ian L.

I was taking pictures with my mom's camera.  She told me to try something different like the inside of the mailbox.  I opened the mailbox and took the picture.  I think it is a different view of a mailbox.





by Kyler S.

I thought that my puppy was cute when we were putting up Christmas decorations.  I decided to take a picture of her when she was playing with the decorations.

  Photo Manipulation Submissions  


The Statue of Jesus

By Greenlee M.

I took the picture on the floor of my house.  I set the nativity scene up in my kitchen.  I used Befunky to edit my photo.  I added a frame and I drew hay around baby Jesus.  I put stars around and black because it was night.  I put grass because he was in a manger and you could probably see grass. 



Battle Flag

By Ian L.

I took this picture at a local church by my house.  I used Photos on the computer and used the Process filter to manipulate the colors and make it stand out more.

Original Photo


Original Photo

  Happy 100th Day of School!!!  
Christmas Activities 2017

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