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Events of 1832

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Science and Technology

  • Horse-drawn trolleys are used in New York.
  • The first French railroad line begins to carry passengers.


Events of 1832

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012


  • The Viceroy of Egypt defeats the Turks in Syria.
  • Andrew jackson begins second term as president of the United States.
  • Britian occupies the Falkland Islands.


Thought of the week 3/19 – 3/23/2012

Monday, March 19th, 2012

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Aristotle Greek philospher                                                                      

THOUGHT OF THE WEEK 3/12 —3/16/2012

Monday, March 12th, 2012
Love requires sacrifice. The sacrifice of war veterans is why we live to love another day” – Bob Sweigert

Events of 1821

Friday, March 9th, 2012

                                        SOCIETY AND CULTURE

  • The population of the United States is almost 10 million; France, 30 million; Great Britain, 21 million.
  • James Mill writes Elements of Political Economy.

Thought of the week Mar.6 – Mar. 9, 2012

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Never give up and never give in. (by Hubert H. Humphrey, American politician)