Orientation I & II Training

Orientation training for students that have signed up for Child Development Services class will be in Mrs. Cracraft’s room on August 6th, 2014 from 9am-3pm. Please bring an ink pen, and a copy of either your birth certificate, drivers licenses, or social security card. AND you must know your social security number. If you are under 18, you will have a form for your parent or guardian to sign. Be on time and ready to go! This is a state mandated training. Pizza and drinks will be provided for lunch. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have questions. Thank you!


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Week of March 4-8th, 2013

Child Development will do a project this week and we are in need of magazines and pictures of babies one year of age and younger. Please no valuable pictures of family, friends, etc.

We will be creating a “book” of pictures of babies including the month and a physical characteristic of that month. Your book must contain all 12 months, pictures for each month, and characteristic for that month!

120 points Due Friday morning 3-8-2013

3 points for each month, 3 points for each picture, 4 points for characteristic of that month.

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Welcome back Thorobreds!  Im excited for the 2011-12 Year!  Keep checking back for updated content and important information!!!

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Journals April 11-15th

Money Skills

4/11/11 Open

4/12/11 Explain how you like working in groups.

4/13/11 Why do you need to know about spending plans?

4/14/11 Open

4/15/11 Open


4/11/11 How was the foods lab on Friday? What did you all do?

4/12/11 Descrive whey.

4/13/11 Explain how to properly store dairy products.

4/14/11 Describe the effects of heat on milk & cream.

4/15/11 Summarize reasons for using dairy substitues.

Child Development

4/11/11 How might a childs early relationships influence his relationships in life?

4/12/11 Why do you think an infant needs to interact with adults?

4/13/11 What chapters are in Unit 3?

4/14/11 What factors influence a baby's growth and development ?

4/15/11 Explain if a parent should be concerned if their child's length or weight does not match the averages on a growth chart.

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Journals April 4-8th

Money Skills

Describe the process of creating a spending plan.

Explain SMART goals and give an example

Describe the steps in creating a apending plan

Describe Net Worth

Explain the gumball analogy

Child Development

Describe premature and false labor

Describe cesarean birth

Describe premature birth

Describe the newborns apperance

Describe bonding


Explain Dairy substitutes

Explain scorching

Explain curdling

Explain scalded milk

Explain cooking with yogury

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Journals- Week of March 28-April 1st

Money Skills

3/28/11 Describe a spending plan in your own words

3/28/11  Explain waht you have learned about spending plans

3/29/11 Explain how are spending plans useful for teens

3/30/11 Explain the difference between income and expenses

Child Development

3/28/11  Describe the three stages of labor

3/29/11 Describe the 5 factors that determine the Apgar Scale

3/30/11 Describe Jaundice and Bilirubin

3/31/11 Describe Colostrum

4/1/11 Describe postpartum depression


3/28/11 Describe your favorite types of dairy foods

3/29/11 Explain “pasteurized”

3/30/11 Explain nutrients in milk.

3/31/11 Explain fresh cheese

4/1/11 Explain ripened cheese

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Journals 3/14-3/18

Money Skills

3/14 open door

3/15 state

3/16 pocket

3/17 fear

3/18 golden


3/14 Sun

3/15 laugh

3/16 flag

3/17 yellow

3/18 star

Child Development

3/14 Freedom

3/15 Rock

3/16 Stream

3/17 Apple

3/18 Tune

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Journals 3/7/11-3/11/11

relate the following words to your class content for this week's journals. 

Money Skills

3/7/11 Big Bucks

3/8/11 Wheel

3/9/11 Stars

3/10/11 Professional

3/11/11 purple


3/7/11 Hair

3/8/11 Sink

3/9/11 Car

3/10/11 Rollercoaster

3/11/11 toothpick

Child Development

3/7/11 skills

3/8/11 Piana

3/9/11 Soda

3/10/11 Money

3/11/11 Book

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Journals 2/28-3/4

Money Skills

2/28 Explain interest

3/1 Explain return

3/2 Explain unearned income

3/3 Explain simple interest

3/4 Explain compound interest


2/28 Explain and describe garbanzo beans

3/1 Explain and describe tofu

3/2 Explain pumpkin seeds

3/3 What type of lab would you like to do with legumes, nuts, and seeds? Explain.

3/4 Explain how you study best

Child Development

All week are open journals :)

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Journals Feb 21-25th, 2010

Child Development

2/21/11 Describe prepared childbirth

2/22/11 Describe Family doctors in ch5, sect 3

2/23/11 Describe midwife

2/24/11 Describe alterative birthing center

2/25/11 Describe Hospital birth


2/21/11 Describe legumes and give examples

2/22/11 Choose a legume on page 487 and describe it.

2/23/11 Explain recognizing legumes

2/24/11 Explain selecting and storing legumes

2/25/11 Explain preparing and cooking legumes

Money Skills

2/21/11  Describe liquidity, give examples of assets

2/22/11 Explain why are savings and investing are important

2/23/11 Explain wealth

2/24/11 Explain the financial life cycle.

2/25/11 Explain time value of money

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