Chaucer Prologue 99-106

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Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales: The Prologue
pp. 98-106


  1. Canterbury is ____________ miles southeast of London.


  1. Why did people want to go to Canterbury?



  1. In what month does this piece of literature take place?


  1. What is “Zephyrus?”



  1. What is “Southwark?”



  1. What is “The Tabard?”



  1. What “reasonable” thing does the narrator propose do to at the bottom of page 99?



  1. What does the narrator concentrate on in his description of the Knight?



  1. The first character was a ___________________ _____________-___________.


  1. What relation was the Squire to the Knight?


  1. What three things are said about the Squire in line 82?




  1. What simile is used to describe the Squire in line 91?



  1. Why is he compared to a nightingale?



  1. To whom was the Yeoman a servant?


  1. What did the Yeoman wear in line 105?



  1. What weapon did he carry with him?



  1. How is his head and face described?



  1. What kind of medal did he wear?



  1. The narrator calls him a proper _______________.


  1. What was the Nun’s name?


  1. What does the statement in line 124 communicate to the reader about the Nun?



  1. Give three details about her table manners.




  1. What made the nun weep?



  1. What do lines 58-160 tell the reader about the Nun?




  1. Describe the Nun’s brooch.



  1. What four people traveled with her?



  1. What sport did the Monk love?


  1. What does it mean that the monk “took the modern world’s more spacious way?” Read lines 180-193 carefully to help you answer this question.



  1. How does Chaucer describe the Monk’s head?



  1. What do lines 226-227 tell us about Friar?




  1. What musical instrument did the Friar play?


  1. Put the information you find about the Friar in lines 248-251 in your own words.


  1. What was the Friar’s name?


  1. What are three details about the Merchant’s appearance in lines 280-283?



  1. In what was the Merchant an expert?