December 17

Archery – Upcoming Tournament

We are going to the Caudill Archery Tournament on January 24, 2015. The cost per archer is $7.00. Please turn that in to Coach Lainhart by January 14, 2015.

We also need to know your shirt size. Please email that to Coach Lainhart by January 5, 2015. We are placing the order on January 6, 2015!

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July 26

Football Season is Here!

Football season is upon us and the HCHS Thorobreds are working hard for the upcoming season.  Approximately 60 young men are coming to summer workouts at 6PM every night except Saturdays and Sundays to lift weights, go through drills, learn offensive plays and defensive schemes.

The Thorobreds scrimmaged Nicholas Co. and Paris in the past couple of weeks in 7 on 7 games.  7 on 7 are strictly passing games where teams work to get pass routes and timing down for real game situations.  The Breds are going to rely on a ground attack as well this year and we look forward to putting on the pads to practice that part of our game.

The Breds have worked hard during the off season and an attitude of commitment, hard work, and dedication is in the atmosphere.

The Breds go to Pendleton Co. tonight to play Pendleton Co., Bracken Co., and Holy Cross in their final 7 on 7 games this season.  Practice will resume on Monday, 7/29 at 6PM.  Go Breds!!!

May 28

Football Shifts into Summer Gear

The HCHS Football Team shifts into summer gear this week as graduation has been completed and Memorial Day has come and past.   A very special thanks to all of our veterans for the ultimate sacrifice.

Our summer workouts with Coaches Tolle, McCaan, and Fryman directing the Gridiron Breds are underway with all players reporting to work out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week in either of the 9AM to 11AM or 3:30PM to 5PM time slots.  Please encourage our players!

We had a Booster Meeting on May 14 in the HCHS cafeteria with very good attendance.  The agenda with information on the NASCAR fundraiser is shown below.  This is a major event and the success of the participation will result in new equipment and uniforms for the players.  We need 40 people to help.  Anyone interested in helping on any or every night, please call Bryn Free at 859-298-1648, Kim Mayer at 859-707-5721 or Jim Carr at 859-388-0388.

5/14/13 HCHS Football Booster Meeting Agenda

Contact Jill Stroub at 859-588-1000 for information.

now have a way for players, parents, and fans to receive information regarding
the 2013 Football Thorobreds!  Here is
the procedure using your computer or capable communication device;

Ÿ  Log onto

Ÿ  Click on “Harrison County Sports Blog�.

Ÿ  Click on “Football� under the Categories heading on
the left hand side of page.

Please use this tool to keep
up with the what is happening with the Harrison County Football
Thorobreds!  It will be updated

FOOTBALL BUDGET: Explanation of receipts and disbursements required to operate the Harrison County High School Football Program – Coach Carr. NEW EQUIPMENT AND NEW UNIFORMS Helmets: We need to purchase 15 to 20 new football
helmets for the upcoming 2013 season.  Parents
may purchase their own helmet for their son.

Shoulder Pads: We
need to purchase 15 to 20 new shoulder pads for the upcoming 2013 season.  Parents may purchase their own helmet for
their son.

We need to purchase ~60 new uniforms for the upcoming 2013 season.

MAJOR FUNDRAISER are the 4 NASCAR races at Kentucky Speedway!

Each player will be required to have
at least four representatives total to work the four races.

(Work schedule end times are approximate.
They could end earlier or later  depending on the number of cautions and

THURSDAY, JUNE 27 – All gates open at 4pm. Shift is 3:30 pm –
11:00pm. We ask that your group be checked in and on post by 3:30pm. Please
allow approximately 30 mins to get checked in and shuttled to your post.

FRIDAY, JUNE 28 – All gates open at 2pm. Shift is 1:30 pm –
We ask that your group be checked in and on post by 1:30pm.
Please allow approximately 30 mins to get checked in and shuttled to your post.
SATURDAY, JUNE 29 – All gates open at 12pm. Shift is 11:30 am – 11:00
pm. We ask that your group be checked in and on post by 11:30pm. Please allow
approximately 30-45 mins to get checked in and shuttled to your post.

SATURDAY, September 21 – All gates open at 2pm. Shift is 1:30 pm –
We ask that your group be checked in and on post by 1:30pm.
Please allow approximately 30 mins to get checked in and shuttled to your post.
TRAINING – there will be two types of training Online Tortal
Training and Onsite Training.

Online Tortal Training. Group leaders will be receiving a link to our online
Tortal training website. You will need to log in / register for the classes. It
will be each group leaders responsibility to forward the link to those team
members who will be working the event so they too can take the training. I will
send out instructions on how to log in / register. The training will take
anywhere from 1-2hrs. There will be multiple modules to take that make up the
“usher� course. This will be high-level overview. Every employee (f/t, p/t and
event) will have to take the courses respective to their job duties. Again, I
will send out an instructional email outlining the online process. Online
training is not paid.

b. Onsite training: Groups
are encouraged to come one of our onsite training sessions. These sessions go
over specifics to your role and any changes/updates for the event weekend.
Groups will be paid for the number of people that attend the onsite session.
Only those working the event need to come. We will have a sign in sheet at both
training and on each event day so we can cross reference who attended training
and who did not. I don’t mean to sound strict on this, but unfortunately in the
past we have had some groups try to take advantage and send people who would
not be working to increase their hours. Only those planning to work should
attend training as it is a chance to see the venue, ask questions and learn
about what to expect on event days. We totally understand that you may have
prior commitments, but please plan to have some if not all members of your
group attend one of the following onsite training dates. If you are not able to
attend either date, please let me know and we will work around it.

Onsite Training Dates: Saturday,
June 8, 12pm-2pm in Bluegrass Hall in the infield or Monday, June 10, 7pm-9pm in Bluegrass Hall in the infield


a. Water/snacks will be provided on each event day. You are welcome to bring your own cooler with drinks and food. Coolers cannot exceed 14�x14�x14�. No Glass/No Alcohol (I say this because you guessed it…some workers try to sneak that stuff in).                                                                                                                         b. Hats/credentials/credential holders/patches/ KYS aprons/ear plugs will all be
provided at check in.

c. Attire – khaki or black
pants or shorts are acceptable. (If you wear shorts they MUST come to the
knee…no short shorts). White collared shirt with no visible logos (not tank
tops – Your shirt must have sleeves). Wear comfortable closed toe shoes (No
flip flops or sandals). You are welcome to bring a jacket, sunglasses,

FUNDRAISER – Pie Peddler - Tracy Fryman

FUNDRAISER – PDP Letters – Cathy Slucher

FUNDRAISER – Bingo on July 29 at Elks - Jill Stroub

FUNDRAISER – Cynthiana Rod Run Food Booth on August 24 – Jim Carr

FUNDRAISER – Taste of Harrison Co. Food Booth

Other Fundraiser PossibilitiesPancake Breakfast, Golf Scramble, Sideline Signs, Concession Stand, HCMS Bowl Game Cleanup

FREE PHYSICALS on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 from 5 to 7 PM at Harrison
Memorial Hospital at the Wellness Center and Physical Therapy Dept.
Any questions, please call or text Coach Carr at 859-388-0388.


May 3

Spring Practice Wrapping Up Today

The Football Thorobreds are wrapping up their 10th – 2 hour practice today as spring practice comes to an end.  The players will compete against each other this afternoon on “Football Friday” playing their version of Indian Football.  Dr. Rick Arnold will treat the players and coaches with some of his world famous grilled ribeye steaks and Stephanie Anderson (wife of OL coach Kevin) will provide some of her fantastic desserts.  Many thanks to all who will provide for the boys.

The players had a very good practice on Thursday, displaying a lot of energy and heart as the practice concluded with some good crisp, explosive hitting in a 1 on 1 drill.

Two (2) important, upcoming events are the trash pickup on this Sunday, 5/5/13 at 1PM at the Oddville School parking lot and the Booster meeting on Tuesday, 5/14/13 at 6PM at the High School cafeteria.  Other important dates are listed in the previous posts.

“Football is like life – it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and respect for authority.”


April 19

Football Spring Practice Underway

Approximately 20 – 25 football players, weightlifters, tracksters, and baseball players have been practicing football fundamentals and techniques this past week during Spring Football Practice from 5 to 7 PM.

The team is continuing to work hard in the weight room and then going to practice.  Drills and learning the fundamentals and techniques of playing football have been the main focus.  KHSAA rules state that football teams have three weeks to get in 10 – 2 hour practices.  We will be completing Week 1 on Friday, 4/19 with Practice #3.  The willingness to be successful and the will to win attitude is high among the players and coaching staff. 

Important dates for Players, Parents, Guardians, Fans, Boosters;

Tuesday, May 14, 6 to 8 PM  – Parent/Booster Meeting in HCHS Cafeteria

Tuesday, June 18, 5 to 7 PM - Free Physicals at Harrison Memorial Hospital

Thursday,Friday, Saturday – June 27 to June 29 – NASCAR Fundraiser

In Life and in Football, there is no reset button – there is a WINNER and a loser!

April 5

Weightlifting, Spring Practice, Fundraisers

Weightlifting, Spring Practice, and Fundraisers are the three main items the High School Football team are focusing on currently.

Weightlifting:  Approximately 20 – 25 players are lifting weights and working hard with plyometric training four days a week after school.  Coaches McCann and Tolle are instructing and pushing the players to get stronger and quicker.  The Harrison County team competed at Western Hills High School recently with four other teams; Collins, Tates Creek, Franklin County, and Western Hills in a strongman competition.  The Thorobreds tied for first, but settled for second due to tiebreaker rules.  More coverage is in the Democrat.  Congratulations to the Thorobred Football/Weightlifting Team!

Spring Practice:  Spring football practice starts on Monday, April 15 from 5PM to 7PM.  KHSAA rules state that  high schools have a window of three connsecutive weeks to have 10 – 2 hour practices during a predesignated date selection.  Practices will revolve around the weather and other spring sports contests.  We hope to coordinate with other spring sports contests and practices so that as many players can participate in spring football practice.  Harrison County High School has many student athletes that play multiple sports which is strongly encouraged from the football perspective.  Spring practice is open to everyone at the practice field which is beside Shirley Park -Fillies Softball Field.

Fundraisers:  Our team hopes to purchase much needed new helmets, shoulder pads, and uniforms for the upcoming season.  We also need operating funds for away game travel, home game referees, meals for the players, equipment, and other items.  We must get this done through fundraisers and donations.  We will be having a Booster Meeting on Tuesday, May 14 at 6 PM in the high school cafeteria to discuss fundraisers.  All parents, guardians, fans, and any interested persons who want to help the team are encouraged to attend.

Thank you for visiting the HCHS Football Blog and stay tuned for upcoming information.

“The climate has changed - do your part to change the culture.”

January 10

Track Season Time Again!!!

Practices are starting on January 10th, 2013!

If you are interested; we practice on the second floor of the high school next to Mrs. Tucker’s classroom. Practice time is 3:20 until your workout is finished on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Please feel free to show up to practice, check it out, and ask any questions. Contact info is: Robert Walker, Harrison County Middle School (859)234-7123 or .

We will attend somewhere between 1 and 4 indoor track meets for the winter track season.

REGIONAL CHAMPS last year trying to repeat!!!

November 30

Tennis Schedule Updates

We have had to reschedule our away match with Bourbon County. The new match date is April 11th. We have also added Fort Thomas Highlands to the Schedule. We will be playing them at the Tower Park Courts in South Ft. Thomas on March 21st.

Our Schedule is as follows:


  • 12th: @ home vs. Bourbon
  • 14th: @ Montgomery
  • 18th: home vs Mason
  • 19th: home vs Clark
  • 21st: @ Highlands
  • 26th: @ Nicholas
  • 28th: @ Scott Co.


  • 10th: home vs Paris
  • 11th: @ Bourban
  • 16th: TBA
  • 18th: @ Clark
  • 23rd: home vs. Montgomery
  • 25th: home vs. Campbell
  • 30th: @ Mason


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