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1.  Empty and rinsed tin can

2.  "Camping" theme items for Silent Auction Basket

3.  Grandparents Day on Friday, September 9.

4.  Fall Festival, September 10th

5.  On Tuesday, boys need to bring a plain white t-shirt for a picture.  Girls need to bring a plain white shirt that has a collar and wear hair in ponytail if long enough.  We will have extras if you forget or don't own one.

6.  Donate a bag of chips for Fall Festival meal.

7.  Midterm is next Wednesday. 

I think that is it =)  

All students need to bring in a cleaned and emptied tin can by September 1rst.  For example, an empty vegetable or soup can will work perfectly for our project.  All cans need to be cleaned and emptied.  These will be used for a craft that will be displayed in our Fall Festival Booth.

Also, our theme for our basket this year is CAMPING.  Please donate items related to camping.  Send them in by Sept 7th.

Finally, just as another reminder, our FALL FESTIVAL is September 10th.  Please mark your calendars.

Computer Lab Assignment:

All students must take and complete the Pre-Test before the program will unlock the lessons and games. Please complete the Pre-test in class today and/or by August 31rst. You may use the laptop in your classroom if you need to complete it after class today.

Click on StudyIsland


Type your PASSWORD: west

It will ask you to reset your password.  Just type west and west to keep your password the same.

Then click 5th Grade and Math KCAS.  You will take the Diagnostic Pre-Test (30 Questions)

Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Shirley, and Mrs. Canupp have master lists of the passwords and usernames.

You may use paper and pencil.  No Calculators.  This assignment must be complete by August 31st.

August 22-26

This week:

Homeroom Class-Behavior notes and graded work passed out to students on Monday.

Math Class-We have finished our lessons on order of operations and this week we are working on exponents and more order of operations work.  Please ask your child each night what he/she learned in math class.  Always continue to work on multiplication facts.

Mr. Furnish, our student teacher for six more weeks, will begin teaching more lessons as the weeks progress.  He is a wonderful addition to our classroom and our school.

We made it!

We made it through our first week together and it was a GREAT week!  Get plenty of rest and be ready for Math on Monday!