January 31, 2013

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This week we are wrapping up the number theory lessons and ending the week with a test. Thursday students should be bringing home a test outline and should have notes, handouts and sample problems in their binders for studying.

We will be sending home mid-terms on Monday Feb. 4. The Gold Team requires these to be signed by a parent and sent back as soon as possible. If you would like to conference, please call our team leader Mrs. Koch, and she will schedule a conference as soon as possible.

I don’t often request, but it’s that time of year that supplies are getting low. We use a lot of notebook paper in math. If you could, please send some extra paper for your student to put in his or her math binder, I would appreciate it.

Have a great week,
Mrs. Copes

January 18, 2013

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Math Students on the Gold Team continue to work on Number Theory skills to get them ready for fractions. This week they have learned to find the greatest common factor of given numbers. Next week we will appy that to reducing fractions.

Several students are behind in turning in work. Please check your child’s math binder often and always ask them if they have any math to do for homework. Also look at their agendas to see what skill they have covered in class each day.

We will continue to work on fractions next week and even into the next week. Thanks for staying up to date.

Mrs. Copes

January 8, 2013

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I hope everyone had a great Christmas and now is starting a great new year! :) My students are starting their new year in math by learning divisibility rules and prime and composite numbers. Each student has a divisibility rules handout and a prime number chart in their binder along with vocabulary work to help them study. We have practiced and used these rules in class for daily work and homework and will quiz on Wednesday.
I am excited to do Friday’s lesson. Students will get to use ipods from our school ipod cart to play a divisibility game after they take there first bellringer quiz for the new nine weeks.
I hope everyone is off to a super start for the new year! Keep studying!!! :)

Mrs. Copes

December 13, 2012

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Just a quick reminder of some important things…

**Friday, Dec.14 Math Binders are due for a grade.
**Monday, Dec. 17 Nine Weeks Math Assessment given.
**Wednesday, Dec. 19 end of the nine weeks. All missing work is due by 11:30 a.m. Christmas Brunch and half day of school.

Mrs. Copes :)

December 7, 2012

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We’ve had a busy week in 6th grade math. Students are spending their Friday finishing up an in class activity that we did about Dot Plots. This will be counted as a daily in class assignment grade. Students had to survey their friends and family, then construct and interpret a dot plot with their data.

Parents next week students will be turning in their binders for a 2nd Nine Weeks binder grade. The criteria for their binders SHOULD be in the binder so that they can read through it and be preparing their binders to be checked for a grade . Some students’ binders are torn and really in a mess. HCMS provided these binders at the beginning of the year along with dividers, and paper. If your child hasn’t taken care of their binder, it will have to be replaced for next 9 weeks. We use these on a daily basis and each child must have a functionable binder. Please check your child’s binder to see if it needs to be replaced.

We will be finishing up our Statistics Unit next week and students will be taking a 2nd 9 weeks test on Monday December 17. Please make sure they are looking over the information in the their binders and are completing assignments.

Have a great weekend!
Until next time,
Mrs. Copes :)

November 2, 2012

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This week students have been hard at work completing the new MAP test for the first time. It has been very time consuming and my students have worked diligently to get it completed.

We have worked through and completed the 6th grade standard for Expressions and Equations and are now working on Statistics. Students are beginning to work on Problem Solving with range, mean, median, and mode. Some other areas we will explore are dot plots, histograms, and box and whisker plots. Please continue to check your child’s Math Binder often to see graded work, Bellringers done in class notes taken and homework.

It’s time to order your Middle School Yearbook! Students will be bringing home information today about how to order. Don’t miss out on loads of great pictures that make wonderful memories.

Also, it’s unbelievable, but midterms are here again! Students will be bringing home midterms next week for the 2nd nine weeks. Please sign and send back to school. If you would like a conference, please notify Mrs. Koch, our team leader and she will set up a date and time for us to meet.

Until next time…
Mrs. Copes

August 17, 2012

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We’ve had a good 2nd week of school. I’m very impressed by 6th Grade Gold’s behavior this week. :)

This week students took the GMADE which is a math level indicator. This test allows me to see how much math your child already knows and what grade level in math they are working on.

We also began our first unit of study this week…An Introduction to Algebra. In this unit your child will learn about expressions and equations. Their first quiz is Monday of next week. Students should be bringing home binders over the weekend to study for this quiz.

I hope you have a relaxing weekend.
Until next week…

Mrs. Copes :)

August 9, 2012

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Welcome back to school. I am your child’s 6th grade Math teacher on the Gold team. This week students have gotten their lockers and new combinations and have been practicing opening lockers. They also have been listening to new rules and behaviors expected at the middle school. This morning they had their first bus evacuation drill. On Thursday of this week students will be bringing home a Classroom Behavior page that needs to be read and signed by both student and parent. On Friday I will provide each student with a new Math Binder and we will work on getting those set up for daily work. I hope your child has had a great start to his/her 6th grade year. :)
Mrs. Copes

February 17, 2012

February 12-17

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The end of the 3rd nine weeks is getting closer and I have had to be the bearer of bad news this week. Some students have received failure notices this week. They have between now and March 9 to get it together and make some better grades! Parents please check blue math folders for graded work, homework, and notes taken in class. Also check in the agenda for the daily learning target. This gives you a little knowledge of what is going on in the classroom.
Today the students have taken a chapter test on ratios, unit rates, percents, fractions and decimals. We will do a couple of quick lesons on converting measurements then start Integers! Integers is a new standard this year for 6th graders.
Until next week…have a great weekend…you may get to build a snowman this weekend!!!

Mrs. Copes

February 10, 2012

February 6-10

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No snow means…work, work, work!! This week students have been converting fractions, decimals and percents. Parents their is a great video on these skills…www.mathplayground.com
Go to videos then click on converting percents/decimals/fractions.

Next week I will be sending home failure notices and attach missing work. Students will have until Friday to turn in all missing work, or the work that is missing will be counted as a 0 for the nine weeks. Please encourage your youngster to get all work turned in on time and to do his/her best at all times.

Until next week…
Have a snowy weekend!

Mrs. Copes

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