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Greetings all, will the rain and storms ever end?  I'm sure everyone is in the same boat as far as being ready for some sunshine!!!!  CATS testing is a little over a week away and let's hope all students are ready to "knock'em out"!!!!  Please try and see to it that your child gets plenty of rest and a good breakfast each morning.

As far as class goes, we will continue to take a closer look at the periodic table and seeing what the elements actually do for us.  Stay safe!  Cheers,

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Periodic Table

Greetings, my how time flies.  CATS testing is now just one week away and i hope the students are super prepared for them this year.  I know both teachers and students have been working hard over the past year.

This week in science, we have turned our attention to the periodic table.  By the end of this short chapter, students should be able to explain and show how the periodic table is read, how it works and some common element uses.

Upcoming events:

May 17 – no school for students

May 31 – King's Island

June 1 – 8th grade awards day

June 2 – Luau

June 3 – Last day of school = 1/2 day

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