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Harrison County Middle School

Sci. Method II

Greetings, it was really good to visit with those parents who took the time out of their day to come and visit their sons/daughters teachers last night at "meet the teacher night".  Once again, if you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to email one of us or contact the school and we can set up an appointment (8:05-8:53) to discuss.

As far as class goes, we will continue to break down the steps of the scientific method and identifying them in different scenerios and do a hands on project involving it.  Please keep an eye on your child's agenda as they have been writing their assignments in the "science" portion of that to keep up with what's going on on a daily basis.  Cheers!

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Scientific Method

Greetings, looks like we've got a really awesome group of students this year!  We are all very excited this upcoming year.  Starting this week, we will be using the scientific method and doing some different little activities incorporating it to solving problems.

Also, hope to see you this coming Monday at "Meet the teacher night" from 7-8 here at HCMS.

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Welcome Back

What a great week the first week of school has been!!!  All the students seem to be exited to be back and eager to learn.  This first week, we been going over classroom procedures and rules and getting to know one another in order to have another awesome year.  I truly look forward to working with your child this upcoming year.  Cheers!

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