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Harrison County Middle School

Cycles in Nature

This week, we will start to investigate on how three different cycles of nature (water, carbon, nitrogen)work.  We will also discover the importance of the water cycle, draw the carbon cycle and recognize the role of nitrogen in life on Earth.

Once again, if you have any questions or concerns about your child or assignment, please feel free to contact me to discuss. Cheers!

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Abiotic Factors

Greetings, hope everyone had a very enjoyable fall break.  It won't be to long until ol' man winter  shows his face again.  Regardless, we have much learning to do around these parts.  

We are currently discovering the importance of abiotic factors, different cycles in nature and how energy flows through different food chains.

FYI – Report cards will be coming home Friday.

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Happy Fall Break!!!

Have a safe and wonderful break!!!  Be ready to continue to work hard at everything you do!

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