Pulliam's Creative Studio
Harrison County Middle School

Week Four of Nine 4/2-4/6/12


If you have recently stopped by and found that I hadn’t updated for the week I apologize. I got out of my routine of updating last Sun. therefore totally forgot……………

I do have plans for the week though…..of course.

ALL CLASSES: We are learning about Subject Matter in art this week in our bell ringers. (Representational Art: Portraits, Still Life & Landscape and Nonrepresentational Art: Abstract & non-objective)

All classes will have a mid-term test this Thursday. Studying the bell ringers is a good way to review for this test.

6th grade: we are marbling paper this week that will be used in a bound book project after Spring Break. Students are also using other media and processes in art that they are creating. These experiments will all be added to the students portfolio of works.

7th grade: we finished in the lab this past Mon. with the architecture program that we have been exploring. Now the students are working in teams of 2 to design and build a model of a house. They are using the same ideas from the computer program of creating a home for a client with specific needs. They will plan the home on paper with walls/ rooms then build the model from a shoebox using poster board for the walls. After Spring Break they will finish them up adding exterior features.

8th grade: students just began a mobile project this week using recycled CDs as the mobile source. They will continue to work on them this week and finish them after Spring Break.

Thanks for stopping by and remember next week is Spring Break………….so………..I’ll post again a little later for the week of April 16th- 20th.

See you later……………..HAPPY EASTER/ Celebrate the reason.

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