Pulliam's Creative Studio
Harrison County Middle School

KPREP Testing……….this week May 7-11th

Welcome students, parents & visitors,

This week will be our state testing week, therefore our class schedule will be altered. I will see my 8th graders on Mon & Wed, 7th grade 3rd period on Mon & Wed, 7th grade 5th period Tues & Thurs and 6th graders on Tues & Thurs. Each morning, Mon. through Friday all students will test. All students will go to 4th period everyday, which is their lunch period. The afternoon classes will be altered as mentioned above. Friday afternoon will be spent as a reward time for testing celebration with an organized field day.

During this testing week parents and students can help by making sure students get plenty of rest (go to bed kiddos……..at a decent time), eat a good energizing breakfast at home or at school when you arrive. Bring  sealed water bottle to school to help hydrate your brain during test (studies show that hydrating helps one to think better), be focused.


6th grade will be working on a printmaking activity this week.

7th grade will be learning about the Renaissance period of art history & their influence in two dimensional drawing.

8th grade will learn about the art movement known as Pop Art & will begin a Pop Art self portrait.

After the testing week we will only have one full week of class left. All of my students will take a final test on Tues., May 15th which will consist of 20 multiple choice questions & one OR.

Thanks for visiting today………..come back and see me again soon.

Mrs. Pulliam 🙂

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