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The 2011-12 school year is ending…..

This will be the last week of classes for the 2011-12 school year. This has been a great year & I have enjoyed sharing with all of the students at HCMS this past year.

A reminder there will be no classes for students on Tuesday, May 22nd due to Election Day!!!

This week>>>>>Awards Programs and more

The awards program schedule is as follows: (awards held in cafeteria….use back entrance)

Monday, May 21st: 6th grade awards at 8:00am & 7th grade awards at 1:00pm

Wednesday, May 23rd: 8th grade awards at 8:30am

6th grade: students will complete their fish kites this week.

7th grade: students will finish practice drawing using 1 & 2 point perspective

8th grade: students will finish their Pop Art self portraits.

ALL STUDENTS will take their art works home on Monday. Parents please ask your student about their art works…………….

8th grade will not have my class on Wed. due to their awards program

Thursday is a 1/2 day of classes for students. They will not come to Explore classes that day. They will remain in their homeroom for team level activites and be served a brunch.

Thanks for stopping by.

Mrs. Pulliam 🙂

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