Pulliam's Creative Studio
Harrison County Middle School

Student Art Gallery 2011-12

Here are some of the artworks created during the 3rd nine weeks which began in Jan. 2012 and ending March 2012

Tempera Paintings of animals…..8th grade….

Bird on a Branch





Duck on a Pond




Frog on my Back




White Goat


Two Horses







Sea Turtle







polar bears








three frogs









three penguins


















walking penguins

























































Students learned about artist Chuck Close…….they each created a grid portrait in the style of Close. The medium students used for this project was colored pencil.












C Moore

























Toilet Paper Food Sculptures by 8th graders (1st 9 weeks)



steak dinner






Fried Chicken




Breakfast pastries


Spanish Rice and Chicken with sides
















7th Grade Sculpture Project from Styrofoam blocks….. (1st 9 weeks)


7th graders working on carved sculptures
carving away—subtractive sculpture
Don’t carve away too much!!!!!
Hard at work….

LET’S MAKE A DEAL…………………8th grade card portraits (look closely for symbols students used to represent their personalities and interests) (1st 9 weeks)



card 1





card 7



















Here are sample works from the 7th grade classes. You will see here their kaleidoscope designs. They learned about radial balance then took their name to create a beautiful design. Each one is different and unique just like the uniqueness of each student. ENJOY!!!!!

Larah K


More 8th grade self portrait card designs…… (1st 9 weeks)


card 8




card 6
card 5
card 2 ï»¿ï»¿ï»¿card 3


card 4