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Jan. 12-16th, 2015

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Week Two is in Progress:

**Bell Ringers will be collected on Friday and we will have a five question quiz.

6th Grade:  Students are using the art element Line to create zen-doodle pattern designs this week. They will be able to use this type of pattern in a variety of ways in the future.

7th Grade: Students are learning about the artist Leonardo da Vinci and his famous Mona Lisa portrait. Students are using a grid to redraw the Mona Lisa image in proportion. The use of a grid originated in ancient Egypt, but was later used by artist of the Renaissance period.

8th Grade: Students are learning about two artists this week, both from the US but from different time periods in history. Both were involved with manipulating photographic images. The first is Matthew Brady famous for his images during the Civil War and of portraits of Abraham Lincoln. The other artist is 21st century Chuck Close. He uses a grid to recreate photographs of his family and friends in abstract paintings. Students will also learn to use a grid this week to draw first very simple images and later more complex ones.

Have a great week and please contact me if needed.

Mrs. Pulliam :)



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new year clip art


Wow!!!! It is a new year……………….2015!!!

I will welcome new classes on Monday, January 5th.

I hope everyone had a relaxed, restful and peacful Christmas Break with their families and friends. We will resume classes on Monday and I look forward to meeting my 6th graders for the first time this year and reuniting with the 7th & 8th graders who have been in my art classes previously.

Please come to class on Monday with a pencil or pen to write with along with your school agenda. I will distibute a pocket folder to you along with some information about my class. This nine weeks will review content for 7th and 8th graders with some fun art projects to help you apply that content. 6th graders may find most of the content to be new to them. Don’t worry we review often and make application of what we are learning with fun art projects.

***** Reminder to the Art Club: we will meet on Thursday, January 8th……plan to be there!!!!

Sleep in for a couple more days…..but be ready to wake early on Monday morning to head off to another great nine weeks at HCMS!!!!!

Until then, take care.

Mrs.  Deborah N. Pulliam :)

Final Week of 9 weeks

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I hope your holidays will be filled with precious gifts big and small.

I hope your holidays will be filled with precious gifts big and small.

This week marks the final week of the 9 weeks.

A reminder, Friday is a 1/2 day…..before the Christmas break.

6th grade will finish their paper marbling project this week.  They will create an accordion folded book from their paper. Students will also learn how to create art from origami. Finally, students will finish their pinch pots this week by adding color with paint. Students will take their art works home on Thursday.

7th grade students will learn how to draw a city block using 2 point perspective. They will also bring their projects home on Thursday.

8th grade, Advanced Art, will make preparations for their Art Exhibit which will take place on Tues. from 4-6pm. They will showcase their fabulous works from the 9 weeks. I hope all our parents will plan to stop by to see their students works.

This has been a great 9 weeks  with your students. I hope they have gained new skills and insight into the world of art.

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

Mrs. Pulliam

Week of December 1-5, 2014

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December is here………………..

This week in the art classroom:

6th and 7th grade bell ringers will cover information about Art Criticism. 8th grade Advanced Art will work on morphing a drawing in their sketchbooks.

ART FINAL EXAM WILL BE ON THRUSDAY, DECEMBER 11th for all classes. Students will need to pass with an 83% or higher to qualify for the next Reward Day event which is scheduled in January.

6th grade students will continue their accordion folded warm/cool paintings. As well they will begin learning about art from the culture of Asia.

7th grade students will continue to finish their Architectural Relief façade sculpture. They will also read two short passages about artist Leonardo da Vinci and the art of the Renaissance later in the week.

8th grade Advanced Art will learn about artist John James Audubon this week and also begin an animal sculpture project. Their Art Exhibit is scheduled for Tues., Dec. 16th from 4:00-6:00pm. Parent/Guardians will be getting information this week about this. There is a required signature that will need to be returned from the student about this event. Ask your child about this if they don’t mention it.

We are headed quickly to the end of the nine weeks. I encourage everyone to work hard to the finish and stay focused. Hopefully old man winter will be nice to us and we won’t miss any extra school days before the Christmas break.

*****Art Club next meeting date is Thursday, Dec. 11th. Please visit the Art Club Page in the sidebar for special information about our next meeting and to see the sample tie dyed t-shirt.

Take care and as always please notify me if ever needed.

Mrs. Pulliam :)


Turkey Week……………..

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School will be in session Monday & Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.

6th & 7th grade will have a bell ringer quiz on Tues. 8th grade will have a quiz over Thomas Cole

6th grade will begin a warm/cool accordion painting using geometric and organic shapes.

7th grade will continue their 21st century facade with ancient architectural features.

8th Grade Gold Advanced Art 21st Century Theme Masks

8th Grade Gold Advanced Art 21st Century Theme Masks






8th grade/Advanced Art will finish the “Junk Art”.



I hope everyone enjoys the Thanksgiving Break with family and friends.

“I hear talk of SNOW”

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As I post today, I hear rumors of snow. Of course it is “maybe…..it all depends on the timing, etc., etc.. What will be will be. In any case we will have plans in the art room.

catchig snow on tongue


Mid term grades will go home on Wed. so parents be on the lookout for this. Of course, you can monitor your child’s grades 24/7, I do. All you have to do is see our secretary about the parent portal. You can log in day or night to see your child’s up to date grade. So, there should be no surprises when you get your child’s progress report on Wed.

In the classroom: All classes will be encouraged to create a flag design for Youth Art Month. There will be recognition from our school where one student from each grade level will be chosen for best overall designs that keep with the theme. Those entries will go on to the state level. If one of the entries wins at the state level their design will be transformed into a flag that will be displayed compete nationally. The national winner will receive an all expense paid trip to New York city to visit several well known art museums. They will also get to take one parent and their art teacher with them……I want us to win!!! Go HCMS. This competition is open to all students at HCMS. There are entry forms outside the art room, or students can see me, Mrs. Pulliam for one. Entries must be turned in by this coming Friday, Nov. 21st.

6th grade: students will continue to work with color theory this week as they use the medium tempera paint.

7th grade: students will continue to work on the relief sculpture architecture projects.

8th grade: Advanced Art students will continue to work on their Junk Art projects. They will also have a reading assignment with questions to answer about artist, Thomas Cole. Students will need to finish they’re sketchbook drawings from the past two weeks, and turn it in on Tues. They will begin a new sketchbook on Mon. of this coming week. It will be due before Thanksgiving Break.

2014-11-12 10.33.58


****Let It Snow!!!! *******

:) Mrs. Pulliam

Veterans Day is Tuesday…. Say Thanks!!!

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Make sure you thank a service man or woman for what they are or have done for you to exercise your freedom. Veteran’s Day is Tuesday, Nov. 11th.

Waving US Flag #12


all classes will have a quiz Friday: 6th/7th Bell Ringer & 8th over George Catlin

6TH GRADE: Students will begin a unit on Color Theory. Students will create a color wheel and color scheme chart to use for later paintings.

7th GRADE: Students will begin a unit of study on Ancient Art from Egypt, Greece & Rome. Students will see examples of art from these time periods and later create art reflective of what they have seen.

8th GRADE/ ADVANCED ART: Students are finishing their 21st Century Cultural Face Masks and are beginning to work on their “Junk Art Projects” They are doing a fantastic job creating wonderful, meaningful works of art.

ART CLUB WILL MEET THIS THURSDAY FROM 3:30 TO 4:30 PM. Please make sure your ride is on time. We will be tie dying t-shirts as our club shirt this year. Club members, please see Mrs. Pulliam by Tues., Nov. 11th so that she can get your shirt size.


Election Week…………..Nov. 3-7th, 2014

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Tuesday is Election Day………….I hope everyone eligible execized their right to vote.

Monday:  6th & 7th grade worked on a review of the Elements of Art and an introduction to the Principles of design. Students will pick this assignment back up later in the week to check their understanding of these concepts. Students were assigned a creative drawing on Mon. which is due on Wed.

8th grade students created their second sketchbook that they will work in for the next two weeks during Bell Ringer time. 8th grade were also assigned a reading assignment about artist George Catlin. They were to read the content to learn about this famous early American artist. Students had questions to answer about this artist. This assignment is due on Wed., Nov. 5th.

6th Grade:

Wed-Fri.: students will finish a zentangle art project and add color to the design.

Students will finish the review assignment from Monday.

Students will next be introduced to the art element Color, which will continue into next week.

7th Grade:

Wed.-Fri.: Students will continue and finish thier one point perspective drawings.

Students will finish the review assignment from Monday.

8th Grade: (Advanced Art)

Students will continue to work on teir 21st Century Theme mask this week and then begin work on their individually planned Junk Art project.

Thanks for visiting my blog today…..I hope the information here was helpful. :)

Mrs. Pulliam :)


Rewards Week…Halloween Dress Up & Dance….Much To Do,,,

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ghostThis week in the art room: the new nine weeks is off to a great start.

All classes will have a bell ringer quiz on Thursday this week.

6th grade: students will use the art element line in a zen doodle pattern.
7th grade: students will be drawing using one point perspective.
8th: students will continue to work on their theme masks this week. They will also learn about artist Matthew Brady.

Feel free to contact me whenever needed.

Mrs. Pulliam :)

Artists at work

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