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Great Start to Nine Weeks

     Posted on October 23rd, 2015 by admin

witch on a broomCA Halloween 027


The first week of the 2nd 9 weeks has been great!!

Most students in 6th & 7th grades turned in their parent signature sheets this week. If your child didn’t turn that in, please make sure they do so on Mon. so that they will not lose their Halloween Dress up day.

Next Week: (Oct. 26-30)

6th and 7th grade students will have a bell ringer quiz on Friday and will need to turn their completed bell ringers in from the first two weeks of class. They should look over and study these so that they will do well on their Friday quiz.

6th Grade: Students will continue and finish their folder designs. They have learned to make balloon letters writing their names. Next week they will add expressive stick figures to their designs so that their name balloons can be held up. Also, students will be introduced to art criticism as they write their first art critique using the 4 steps of art criticism.


See the video here to learn to draw expressive stick figures.

7th Grade: Students will continue and finish their folder designs. They have learned how to write their names in 3D, one point perspective, block letters. They will finish adding color on Monday & Tues. They will also practice critiquing, in writing, a work of art. Later in the week we will begin with lessons on using value in drawing as they practice drawing three dimensional forms.

8th Grade/Advanced Art: Students will continue their Pop Art Playing Card Self Portraits this week.

Thanks for stopping by and have a GREAT WEEKEND, Mrs. Pulliam :)

The Second Nine Weeks…..Begins Monday!!!

     Posted on October 17th, 2015 by admin


Welcome all to my blog.

Monday, Oct. 19th begins a new nine weeks. That means I will welcome new students to my classroom from the 6th & 7th grades. My 8th grade, Advanced Art, classes will remain the same this nine weeks.

What can 6th & 7th graders expect in the new week? Here is a preview:

6th grade we will begin with some introduction information on Monday. You will be given several pages of information to take home to your parent/guardian to read and for signatures. Some of the signatures are required for a grade, so please make sure the information gets home to your parent/guardian promptly. As well 7th grade will also have a refresher on classroom rules & procedures and will have a packet of info. to take home with required signatures.

In the classroom:

6th grade: Students will begin the nine weeks learning about the Elements of Art. With this information students will begin to create art and gain an understanding how to make application of the elements in their own works. Students will make a portfolio folder to store their art works in. They will learn how to make bubble/balloon letters to add their name to the outside of their folder.

7th grade: Students will begin the nine weeks with a review of basic information in art; such as, the Elements of Art. Students will create art as they review the basic concepts and how the information applies to their own art creations. Students will make a portfolio folder to store their art works in. They will learn how to make 3D block letters to add their name to the outside of their folder. View this introduction video to learn how to make these letters.

8th grade/Advanced Art: Students will learn about the art movement known as Pop Art that dates to the 60’s into the 70’s. They will become aware of the term “Pop” which is short for popular and how the art of this movement reflected on current trends of the culture. They will apply the concepts of this movement of art as they create their own works that reflect the Pop culture we live in today.

Can’t wait to get started back on Monday.

Final Week of the First Nine Weeks!!!!

     Posted on October 4th, 2015 by admin

MONDAY IS PICTURE DAY!!! students may wear jeans and a favorite t-shirt or hoodie if they so choose for their picture.

In the art room: Tues. 6th & 7th grade will take their final art test. They should have already been preparing for this test by studying all bell ringers, notes & handouts. 6th grade will turn in their study questions for a grade before taking the test.

8th graders will have a test over early American Artists on Tues. of this week. They should finish their study questions before Tues. as they will turn these in for a grade.

6th grade art: Mon-Students will draw a picture day portrait., Tues. final test, Wed. finish painting pinch pots & make accordion folded books from their marbled paper. Thurs.- finish the pinch pots and accordion folded books. Friday- evaluate artworks from portfolio and bring all works home.

7th grade art: Students will finish their Adopt A Highway Posters this week, Tues.- Final Test, Wed.-add black details to Greek-like red clay pinch pots (see video students watched in class about ancient Greek pottery attached here), Thurs.-Finish projects Friday-evaluate artworks from portfolio and bring all works home. 

8th grade advanced art: Students will finish and evaluate their masks this week, Tues.-American Artist Test, Wed.-Thurs.-create a positive negative space Matisse Collage, Friday-view a video about Pop Art & answer questions.


ENJOY FALL BREAK- Mon., Oct. 12 through Fri., Oct. 16th.

Mrs. Pulliam :)

This 9 Weeks of Art Class Is coming to an end quickly…..

     Posted on September 27th, 2015 by admin



I can’t believe this nine weeks is coming to a quick end soon. This is our 8th week, so that means only one week left after this one.

Here’s what’s happening………

6th & 7th grade be reminded of a bell ringer quiz this coming Friday…you will turn bell ringers in also.

6th & 7th grades: FINAL EXAM is scheduled for Tues., Oct. 6th …….. Students were given a check sheet a couple of weeks ago to use as a study guide. Please look over this to see what you may need to review.

8th grade you will have a test over content that will be given to you this Wed. in class. 8th grade also, remember your sketchbooks are due this Friday (shaded self portrait).

This week in the classroom:

6th grade: you will have a busy and fun week in Art. Mon. & possibly Tues. work on “My favorite part of Cynthiana is…” drawing. Wed. you will have a review packet to work on in prep for your final test, Thurs.-Create your accordion folded book from your marbled paper and Friday-learn about the art of origami. Here is an example of small scale paper marbling you could do at home.


7th grade: you will continue to work on your Adopt A Highway posters this week. You will also have a reading assignment about ancient cultures on Wed. with a few questions. You will then use the information from your reading to create a couple of ancient culture inspired works of art.

8th grade: you will work on your masks this week as you begin to paint them and add other accessories. You will also be given a reading assignment this week featuring four famous early American artists. You will read to learn about their contributions not only to art, but to our history in providing visual clues and information in regards to our culture and heritage.

The 6th grade band students from the gold team who are in my 7th period class will finish their zen-doodle hand designs this week. They will also have a reading assignment this week with questions to help them absorb some of the basic content of a visual art class.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by to visit my blog. Have a great day!!! :’)

Mrs. Pulliam

Graphic Design

     Posted on September 24th, 2015 by admin

7th grade are working on poster designs for Adopt A Highway….to prepare for this project students learned about the art career of graphic design. See this video which was shown to the students to prepare them for the project and to learn about what graphic designers do.

Sept. 21-25th

     Posted on September 22nd, 2015 by admin

This week in the art room:

6th grade students are responding to a work of art by using the four steps of art criticism to critique the work. They are viewing the work “The Flower Carrier” by artist Diego Rivera as they describe, analyze, interpret and judge this famous artists work. Students will also mount their accordion folded painting this week. Lastly, students will explore paper marbling.

the flower carrier by deigo rivera








7th grade students will finish their surreal drawings including the illusion of space. These works will be uploaded to Artsonia as they finish them. Students will end the week as they begin a poster design for “Adopt a Highway”.

8th grade students are working on skills for portrait drawing this week. First students learned about facial proportions. Next students are exploring how to draw each feature on the human face (eyes, mouth, nose, etc.). Visit this website for tutorials on drawing portraits along with many other things. www.thevirtualinstructor.com

Week of Sept. 14-18th..

     Posted on September 13th, 2015 by admin


***Thursday, Sept. 17th is Constitution Day. I will share some patriotic art to celebrate the observance of this day, such as this famous statue pictured here***You may know that we call this type of art a sculpture. This sculpture was created by a method known as assembly as parts were put together to form Lady Liberty.









On Mon. all grades must be submitted to the computer/infinite campus for mid-term status. Students will receive their mid-terms later in the week.

***6th and 7th graders will have a bell ringer quiz this Friday and must turn completed bell ringers in for a grade.

Art in the Art Room:

6th grade: students will transform their warm and cool paintings into an accordion folded painting. They will also read about art of Asia where they will learn how ceramics were evolved in the Chinese culture. Students will learn and use the process of pottery to create a pinch pot.

7th grade: students will create the illusion of space as they create a surreal landscape drawing.

8th grade/Advanced Art: students will brain storm an idea for a mask reflective of a 21st century cultural theme or issue.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

Mrs. Pulliam :)

Mid Term Reports coming soon…………………

     Posted on September 7th, 2015 by admin




Greetings students, parents & visitors,

I hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day. We are half way through this 9 weeks. Mid terms will be sent home soon.

6th grade will start a painting this week. They will create an accordion folded painting with both warm and cool colors as well as organic and geometric shapes.

7th grade will learn how to draw using one point perspective this week in their drawing.

8th grade, advanced art, will finish their exploration of media and mount three of their favorite works. Next up for Advanced Art is a mask project.

Thanks all for stopping by. Have a great week.

Mrs. Pulliam :)


     Posted on August 31st, 2015 by admin

Thanks all who stop by to read my weekly posts. I hope they are always helpful in keeping up with what is happening in the art class room.

See my post from Sunday to check out this weeks agenda for your student.

Have a great Monday!!!!

Mrs. Pulliam :)

August 31- September 4, 2015

     Posted on August 30th, 2015 by admin

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Let’s start strong on Monday!!

6th & 7th grade will have their second bell ringer quiz this Friday. Some students didn’t do so well on the first quiz due to a lack of studying. Please encourage your child to study for this Friday’s quiz.

6th grade: students finished their zen-doodle designs last week and didn’t begin color theory. We will begin color theory on Monday and continue working to create a color wheel and chart this week. Here is a link to an interactive color wheel which is really cool. http://thevirtualinstructor.com/members/interactive-color-wheel/

7th grade: students will finish their value hand drawings on Mon. They will next use value to add shading to a drawing to make it seem three dimensional. We will continue to work on various drawing skills throughout the nine weeks.

8th grade/Advanced Art: students will explore watercolor media on Mon. & Tues. They will continue to work with various media this week in preparation for a creative mixed media project.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day.

Mrs. Pulliam :)