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First Week in the Art Room

     Posted on August 15th, 2014 by admin

We had a great start in the art classroom this week. Each student in art created a portfolio folder to store their artworks in for the nine weeks. Each student is working on a creative drawing idea for the outside of their folder that reflects their personality. Each grade level is doing something a little different from each other. Students will finish these up on Monday and take time to respond to their work with some guided questions.

We practiced bell ringers for the first 3 days. Next week we will begin keeping up with the daily bell ringers that will be collected every two weeks and graded. Students will also have a bell ringer quiz after the first two weeks of recording bell ringers. The first quiz will be on Friday, Aug. 29th.

We will have  a pre test next Tues. to see where everyone stands with their knowledge of art core concepts. This test will help both students and me to see where we need to go next with instruction.

Each grade level will begin a new art project next week. These will be announced on Tues. or Wed.

Thanks for stopping by, and always know parents/guardians are welcome to email or call when you have a question or concern.


Thanks, Mrs. Pulliam :)

School Year 2014-15….COMING SOON!!!

     Posted on July 23rd, 2014 by admin

Hi everyone….

Well, it is almost time to start the new school year. I hope you all are as excited as I am to get started. Students will return to class on Wednesday, August 13th. We will get started in the middle of the week, so hopefully that will help all of us transition back into our schedules of getting up a little earlier than, I’m sure, most students and some of we teachers have gotten use to over the summer break!!

There are lots of exciting things planned in the art room for the new school year and I can’t wait to meet all of the new 6th graders and reunite with the former students to share my excitement.

Take time to create piece of art before you return and bring it in to share with me and your classmates……I will share with you all what I’ve been working on this summer in art too.

I can’t wait to see you. And as always parents, if you need to contact me with questions or concerns before the start or during the school year please feel free to do so. My email is debbie.pulliam@harrison.kyschools.us

Check out all of the great things I have here on my blog before you leave this site. If you find a link that isn’t working correctly or is outdated, please let me know. Have a great day!!!!!


Mrs. Pulliam :)


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K-PREP testing Begins this week

     Posted on May 16th, 2014 by admin


This week news:

Monday is Hat Tricks –students and staff wear hats to kick off the State Testing which begins on Wed. These can be original, homemade hats, or any other.

Tuesday is Election Day and there is NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS THAT DAY!!!!

Wed.-Friday mornings will be K-PREP testing.


6th grade will learn about origami this week

7th grade will finish their 2 point perspective drawings

8th grade will finish their Pop Art paintings.


     Posted on May 10th, 2014 by admin

NOTICE: the FINAL TEST for Art classes will be Friday, May 16th for all classes. This was announced this past week and students were given a study guide and encouraged to begin preparing for this test.

****State Testing will begin on Wed., May 21st and continue in the mornings until Wed., May 28th.

****There will not be school for students on Tues., May 20th: Primary Election Day and Mon., May 26th, Memorial Day.

****There will be a dance (this year’s last dance) this Friday, May 16th from 3:15-5:00pm


6th grade will work with scratch paper line designed art at the beginning of the week

7th grade will continue and finish their 2 point perspective drawings of a city block.

8th grade will continue their Pop Art paintings.

Week of May 5-9th

     Posted on May 4th, 2014 by admin

Students who missed school on Friday will need to make up their Mid Term test on Mon.

Mid Term grades will go home with students on Wed., May 7th

In the Art Room:

6th grade: students will begin an Abstract painting of a flower this week using a chosen color scheme.

7th grade: students will finish their still life form drawing Mon. and begin working with 2 point perspective in drawing next.

8th grade: students will reflect upon the American Artists from the mid 1700’s through 1800’s and write a comparison paper about two of them. Next students will learn about Pop Art and create a Pop Art Portrait from a photo of themselves.

***Have a great week parents & visitors…………………..


     Posted on April 27th, 2014 by admin

I will be giving the art mid term to all classes this Friday. Students should make sure to study over bell ringers.

6th grade: continue color wheel & chart, paint pinch pots & begin a color scheme flower painting.

7th grade: read about the art of ancient cultures & answer questions, begin learning how to use shading in drawing 3D forms.

8th grade: continue and finish grid value drawing. Read about the artist Thomas Cole & answer questions about him.

We will have one more full week of classes after this week and then we will take the KPREP tests……. the year is quickly flying to an end…..

We need parents to help us keep your children focused…..although the end is near we still have a lot of work to do.

Have a great evening…… Mrs. Pulliam :)

Love the warmer weather……

     Posted on April 20th, 2014 by admin

This week looks to be one that has no threat of freezing weather with the 4 letter word SNOW involved!!! Thank goodness.

This week in the classroom our bell ringers will deal with subject matter in art: non-objective, abstract, portraits, landscapes & still life.

We will have a bell ringer quiz this Friday……study students.

6th grade: we will have a lesson on subject matter on Mon. On Tues. we will begin a study of color theory. Students will create a color wheel and chart and begin to explore color schemes.

7th grade: students will begin drawing using 1 point perspective this week.

8th grade: students will learn about American artist Matthew Brady on Mon. As well students will work with grid drawing and value.

It looks to be a great week ahead.

Thanks for stopping by, Mrs. Pulliam :)

Plan to attend The Starry Night….April 19th

     Posted on April 10th, 2014 by admin
The Second Annual

Enjoy an Evening of Arts

The Second Annual “Starry Night an Arts Experience” will take place at HCHS auditorium from 7-9pm. For a free evening of Arts you will want to attend.


In the arts classroom this week: April 14-18th

6th grade: students are using zen-doodle lines to create art. They will also be introduced to the Art of Ancient China through reading and later by making a pinch pot.

7th grade: students will finish their Surreal Collage and continue to work on their collaborative IPad Surreal works. They will next learn about artist Leonardo da Vinci as they begin working with drawing techniques & skills.

8th grade: students will finish modeling an animal sculpture. They will also read about American artist, George Catlin before beginning a project dealing with Pop Art.

Thanks for stopping by to see what is happening in the art room.

Mrs. Pulliam :)

4th Nine Weeks begins on Tues.

     Posted on March 30th, 2014 by admin

Welcome to my blog.  The 3rd 9 weeks will end on Mon. & the final (4th) will begin on Tues. Students will move to their final Explore classes then.

This week in the art classroom: all 3rd 9 weeks students will take their art works home on Monday

8th grade will view a video @ Pop Artist Andy Warhol on Monday.

7th grade will continue Monday to work on drawing with value as they draw a wooden egg on a pedestal adding shading by blending.

6th grade: students will create an origami jumping frog.

The 4th nine weeks students will be introduced to rules & procedures on Tues. then spend the remainder of the week creating a logo which they will draw onto their art folder that they will use this nine weeks.

I look forward to a great final nine weeks. :)