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 I hope everyone had a nice relaxing and restful Spring Break….I did. Now it’s time to get back at it!!!!

This week………..

6th grade will finish their hand zen-doodle then have a lesson on 3D art forms. Students will work together to create a collaborative sculpture that I hope to display at the Starry Night Art Exhibit on Sat., April 25th at the high school. This exhibit is free and open to all who would like to join in for a night of arts.

7th grade will finish a value hand drawing. Next students will learn how to add value to create 3D drawings using shading & blending.

8th grade will finish their value grid drawings. Their next lesson will be one where they create an art work in the style of the Pop Artist of the 60’s.

***Please keep a check on students grades in the parent portal. If you see a grade that is questionable please feel free to contact me so that I can investigate and share the circumstances of the grade.

Thanks so much for stopping by to see what we are up to this week. Have a great day!!!

fourth nine weeks up and going

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The 4th nine weeks began last week. I am getting to know new faces gradually. I hope each student will be patient with me.

***all classes will have a bell ringer quiz on Friday of this week. They should study their bell ringer questions.

6th grade is working with line patterns this week.

7th grade will be working with value beginning on Tues.

8th grade are learning how to use a grid as a tool in drawing.

The Frozen Reward event for those who qualified from last nine week tests will be this Friday.


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Parents/Guardians, Students and welcomed guests:
YAM LOGOPLEASE VISIT THIS PAGE TO FIND OUT ABOUT HOW WE ARE PROMOTING ART DUING Y.A.M. Youth Art Month. You can view the video lesson that your student experienced in class this past Friday……..this will give you something to chat with your middle schooler about!!!!! http://www.harrison.k12.ky.us/virtual/middle/pulliam/?page_id=1947

Here is just one of the videos they viewed to see the entire lesson click the link above.


The week of March 16-12, 2015 will end the 3rd 9 weeks. Please make note of these important events:

All Art classes will take their final exam on Tues., March 17th. This has been announced for well over a week. Students have bell ringers, notes and a study guide to help them prepare for this exam. They must pass 5 of 6 final exams, with an 83% or higher this nine weeks, to qualify for the “Frozen Reward” event. As well, students must show good faith effort which is outlined on visual posters in every HCMS classroom. (students should bring  book to class to read after they take the exam).

Other activities for the week:

6th grade will finish marbling paper and make accordion folded books & book marks this week. They will also practice using the art of paper folding known as “origami’ to create modeled sculptures.

7th grade will continue and finish their relief façade they have been working on.

8th grade will finish their sculpture this week by adding paint to their project. As well they will have other review lessons before the weeks end.

All Students will bring their artworks from this nine weeks home on Thursday. Some students may be asked to leave their works to be submitted for the end of the year all district arts showcase “A Starry Night” which will take place on Saturday, April 25th. Their works will be returned to them after this event. The public are encouraged to attend this showcase of visual art, musical performance, dance performance & theatrical performances. This event will showcase the talent of students from K-12 throughout the Harrison County Schools.

Thanks so much for stopping by and as always please contact me (preferably) by email if ever there is a need to do so.

Have a wonderful day.

Mrs. Pulliam

The Element of Art Color……

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View this amazing video about how our eyes see color……

The Influence of Ancient Cultures on Architecture today……

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7th grade students are studying how ancient cultures have influenced architecture today in the 21st century. View this video which shows examples of some of the ancient features and explains how they have been incorporated into buildings in Washington D.C.

Look around our hometown and county …….We have many of these same features in our architecture. The past influences the future.

This week…………March 9-13

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This week in the classroom:

6th grade will paint pinch pots and mount accordion fold paintings. As well they will respond to art in a written critique.

7th grade are beginning a study of ancient architecture and will create a relief facade using ancient ideas on a 21st century building design. See the video here to learn how ancient cultures have influenced our architecture today.


8th grade students are creating a modeled sculpture of an animal this week.

***Students final exam is next Tues., March 17th. They should be preparing for this exam with their notes & study guide.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

Mrs. Pulliam :)


March……in like a lion or lamb????????????

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Greetings all………….YAM March is celebrated across the nation as Youth Art Month!!!!!

We have made it to March….Spring is just around the corner.

***As soon as it is determined the end of the nine weeks will be announced. I will then announce when students final exam will be given.

***Students will take a bell ringer quiz this coming Friday.

6th grade students read about the art of China last week. This week we will begin to create some art forms that originated China & other Asian countries. Students will create a pinch pot this week and also begin a project with marbled paper.

7th grade students will be finishing their surreal drawings this week. They will next learn about ancient architecture features and the art of the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece & Rome.

8th grade students will continue and finish their Andy Warhol paintings. They will also read about artist Thomas Cole & Neo Classic architecture before beginning their next project.

When we return to school our plans are as follows…………………

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melting snowman2


As much as I love SNOW**** I must say I am ready to say good bye to it. We definitely need to get back into the classroom ASAP. I hope you students have spent some time thinking about & practicing the skills we have used in the art classroom. We will continue the following when we return & hopefully that will be TOMORROW!!!!!


6th grade: Students will finish their accordion paintings and will next venture into the Art of China. Students will read about the ancient Chinese culture and then create several artworks to reflect that culture.

7th grade: Students will begin a “surreal drawing” including the concepts & skills they have been practicing in class. They will include space using linear perspective, overlapping, size variation, detail/focus, placement and color/value in the drawing. This work will be assessed for a grade.

8th grade: Students will continue and finish their Andy Warhol self portraits. They will next learn about the artist Thomas Cole & John James Audubon as they read about these artists.

You should have received a letter I sent home about “Artsonia”. If you didn’t receive the letter please ask your student to share that with you. Visit this website as well for more details about how we use this venue to showcase our student’s artworks. www.artsonia.com


I hope you are having a great day. STAY WARM!!!!!

Mrs. Pulliam :)


WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HCMS participated in the YAM (Youth Art Month) state flag design contest again this school year. Students in the 2nd 9 weeks art classes learned about graphic design and how artists plan for and follow through on designing art to fit a specified criteria.  This year’s theme is “Art Builds Bridges” . Each student created their design based on the state & national criteria & theme. The design contest was open to all HCMS students and there were few entries outside of the art classroom that were submitted for judging. All entries were judged and one for each grade level was chosen for submission to the state competition. I got word the other day that one of our very own entries was chosen as the middle school state winner. Congratulations goes to our 8th grade entry shown here.

YAM Jessica T. HCMS 7th grade entry & 1st place in the sate for middle schools 2014-158TH GRADE HCMS STATE SUBMISSION & OVERALL MIDDLE SCHOOL STATE WINNER.





yam flag Caitlin S.  7th grade 2014-15 design HCMS winner7TH GRADE HCMS STATE SUBMISSION










Visit this website to see the overall state winner (from the high school division). This winner’s design will be fashioned into a flag and will be displayed at the national teacher’s NAEA art conference in New Orleans in March. As well you can view all of  the elementary, middle (including our winner) & high school winners, placers & honorable mentions. http://www.kyarted.net/#!youth-art-month/cw3g

As always, thanks for stopping by my blog…..I hope you found this great news about our winners as exciting as I did.

Take care and stay warm……..Mrs. Pulliam :)

SNOW DAY….Big Time

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My students & visitors, we have ourselves a snow day!!!!! I won’t be surprised if we have several this week.

Enjoy the snow & stay warm. Get out & play as who knows when you’ll see this much snow again. But, be careful of frostbite as the temps drop……burrrr!!!