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Week of Sept. 14-18th..

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***Thursday, Sept. 17th is Constitution Day. I will share some patriotic art to celebrate the observance of this day, such as this famous statue pictured here***You may know that we call this type of art a sculpture. This sculpture was created by a method known as assembly as parts were put together to form Lady Liberty.









On Mon. all grades must be submitted to the computer/infinite campus for mid-term status. Students will receive their mid-terms later in the week.

***6th and 7th graders will have a bell ringer quiz this Friday and must turn completed bell ringers in for a grade.

Art in the Art Room:

6th grade: students will transform their warm and cool paintings into an accordion folded painting. They will also read about art of Asia where they will learn how ceramics were evolved in the Chinese culture. Students will learn and use the process of pottery to create a pinch pot.

7th grade: students will create the illusion of space as they create a surreal landscape drawing.

8th grade/Advanced Art: students will brain storm an idea for a mask reflective of a 21st century cultural theme or issue.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

Mrs. Pulliam :)

Mid Term Reports coming soon…………………

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Greetings students, parents & visitors,

I hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day. We are half way through this 9 weeks. Mid terms will be sent home soon.

6th grade will start a painting this week. They will create an accordion folded painting with both warm and cool colors as well as organic and geometric shapes.

7th grade will learn how to draw using one point perspective this week in their drawing.

8th grade, advanced art, will finish their exploration of media and mount three of their favorite works. Next up for Advanced Art is a mask project.

Thanks all for stopping by. Have a great week.

Mrs. Pulliam :)


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Thanks all who stop by to read my weekly posts. I hope they are always helpful in keeping up with what is happening in the art class room.

See my post from Sunday to check out this weeks agenda for your student.

Have a great Monday!!!!

Mrs. Pulliam :)

August 31- September 4, 2015

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I hope everyone had a great weekend. Let’s start strong on Monday!!

6th & 7th grade will have their second bell ringer quiz this Friday. Some students didn’t do so well on the first quiz due to a lack of studying. Please encourage your child to study for this Friday’s quiz.

6th grade: students finished their zen-doodle designs last week and didn’t begin color theory. We will begin color theory on Monday and continue working to create a color wheel and chart this week. Here is a link to an interactive color wheel which is really cool. http://thevirtualinstructor.com/members/interactive-color-wheel/

7th grade: students will finish their value hand drawings on Mon. They will next use value to add shading to a drawing to make it seem three dimensional. We will continue to work on various drawing skills throughout the nine weeks.

8th grade/Advanced Art: students will explore watercolor media on Mon. & Tues. They will continue to work with various media this week in preparation for a creative mixed media project.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day.

Mrs. Pulliam :)

Week of Aug. 24-28th

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We are well on our way. This week marks the third of nine weeks…..that is hard to believe.

I sent home a couple of messages for parents last week. The first was a notice about our web gallery at Artsonia.com   This is a web based gallery where student art is displayed. Your student should have given you the information and the cover letter must be signed and returned by Tues. for a grade. The remainder of the information is at your discretion to return. The other item I sent home is a link to follow messages I send out. You can either receive the messages as texts or emails. I will send out reminders off and on throughout the nine weeks to remind students of items due. It is called Remind 101. If you didn’t get the information specific for your students class, let me know and I’ll send a new copy home to you. 

This week in the classroom:

6th Grade: students will learn to create zen doodle patterns this week. This is an organized form of doodling where students create many wonderful patterns and designs. This type of art is very relaxing and enjoyable. If the zen doodle goes smoothly we will venture into color theory before the end of the week.

7th Grade: students will begin working with value this week. I focus on drawing skills a lot at the 7th grade level. Students will learn to create a variety of values in a simple flat design. Later students will learn to transfer this knowledge of creating various values into more difficult drawings that create the illusion of three dimensionality.

8th Grade: students will be exploring various media this week as they draw one specific chosen object. This exploration project will allow them to experience many different media so that they can make choices in the future to which types of media they would like to pursue in their own chosen works of art.

I look forward to working with your students this week. They are awesome.

Thanks parents/guardians for stopping by today.

Mrs. Pulliam :)


Great Start!!

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The first week went well!!!

The students were great. It was a little tiring for all of us the first week to get back into a routine, but we did it!!!

Here is what we will be doing in the upcoming week: Bell Ringer quiz in all classes on Friday, Aug. 21.

6th grade: Students have been working on a balloon letter design and will add expressive stick figures to hold the balloons. Next we will start working on zen-doodle designs with a focus on the art element LINE.

7th grade: Students will finish up their creative figure name design on Wed. We will then begin working on basic drawing skills.

8th grade: Students will finish their logo designs on Mon. Next up is a mixed media project where students will begin to explore many different kinds of media keeping one object as the subject.

As students complete their projects we will begin to add them to their Artsonia gallery. You can access this gallery by visiting www.artsonia.com

I look forward to another awesome week, Mrs. Pulliam

Welcome Everyone…..Here we come 2015-16 school year!!!!

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Hi everyone.

I’m so glad I got to meet some of you at the open house this past Wednesday evening. I am looking forward to meeting the rest of you on Monday. We are going to have an awesome year.

I will be passing out folders on Mon. and a parent newsletter as well. You can ask your child to share the newsletter with you as I will ask them to bring it home. I will attach one here on my blog soon, in case your student forgets to bring his/her’s home.

We will go over classroom procedures on Monday. The remainder of the week will be spent reviewing for 7th & 8th grade & introducing terms for 6th grade. As well each student will be busy creating a folder design for their art portfolio. Students will be introduced to creating meaning in their art works as they brain storm their designs.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I update my blog each weekend to prepare for the upcoming week. So if you are ever curious to what we are getting into, just stop by for a visit.  I hope you have a great day.


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a_School_s_OutWe made it!!!! Schools out for the summer.

CONGRATULATIONS 8th grade class of 2015…..have a great summer and best wishes to you as you begin another step of life at HARRISON CO. HIGH SCHOOL!!!!

6th and 7th graders………..enjoy the summer sun. Be ready to start strong again in August. Read a good book and of course BE CREATIVE with some ART!!!

INCOMING 6th graders……..I can’t wait to meet you. Enjoy your summer too. And if you feel a little nervous about middle school, don’t. HCMS is an awesome school with teachers who care about you dearly.

UNTIL AUGUST……..I’m out of here…….I plan to relax a little and recharge my batteries for the 2015-16 school year.


Happy Memorial Day

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There will be no school on Monday, May 25th in observance of Memorial Day. Spend time with your family and take time to remember those who have gone before us.

animated flag






ONE DAY OF K-PREP TESTING LEFT. The 6th & 8th grade have one day of testing left on Tues., May 26th during the morning. Continue to encourage your child to get plenty of rest, eat healthy & bring an unopened bottle of water to drink during testing.


6th grade class: Students will continue & finish assembling their accordion folded warm/cool painting. As well, students will marble paper to use in an origami project.

7th grade: Students are working on a drawing of their choice incorporating several skills that have been taught throughout the nine weeks.

8th grade: Students will finish their OP Art Self Portraits this week as well as paint their clay sculptures.

Classes will be interrupted during the last week of school due to award programs & 8th grade activities. Plans for the last week will involve completing projects, evaluating works and gathering works to bring home to present to family.

It is hard to believe that the 2014-15 year is almost over. Time passes by so quickly…….we need to always make the best of each moment we have been given.

Have a great day, Mrs. Pulliam :)


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Hello students, parents & visitors,

Monday begins K-Prep testing. Students should be well rested and eat a good nutritious breakfast each morning. Students may bring an unopened bottle of water each day of testing. Research states that a well hydrated body helps one do better when tested. Students will test each morning before lunch then resume classes in the afternoon. The schedule will be altered somewhat, so students will not attend every class every day.

**Note: Students are out of school on Tues. due to Election Day!!

In the art room:

6th grade will assemble their accordion fold paintings this week. They will also marble paper that will be used to create origami.

7th grade will continue & finish their 21st century façade & create a free choice drawing implementing several learned skills.

8th grade will be working on an OP ART self portrait this week. Op is short for optical illusion. See an Op Art video here:

Thanks for stopping by everyone.

Mrs. Pulliam