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     Posted on April 27th, 2014 by admin

I will be giving the art mid term to all classes this Friday. Students should make sure to study over bell ringers.

6th grade: continue color wheel & chart, paint pinch pots & begin a color scheme flower painting.

7th grade: read about the art of ancient cultures & answer questions, begin learning how to use shading in drawing 3D forms.

8th grade: continue and finish grid value drawing. Read about the artist Thomas Cole & answer questions about him.

We will have one more full week of classes after this week and then we will take the KPREP tests……. the year is quickly flying to an end…..

We need parents to help us keep your children focused…..although the end is near we still have a lot of work to do.

Have a great evening…… Mrs. Pulliam :)

Love the warmer weather……

     Posted on April 20th, 2014 by admin

This week looks to be one that has no threat of freezing weather with the 4 letter word SNOW involved!!! Thank goodness.

This week in the classroom our bell ringers will deal with subject matter in art: non-objective, abstract, portraits, landscapes & still life.

We will have a bell ringer quiz this Friday……study students.

6th grade: we will have a lesson on subject matter on Mon. On Tues. we will begin a study of color theory. Students will create a color wheel and chart and begin to explore color schemes.

7th grade: students will begin drawing using 1 point perspective this week.

8th grade: students will learn about American artist Matthew Brady on Mon. As well students will work with grid drawing and value.

It looks to be a great week ahead.

Thanks for stopping by, Mrs. Pulliam :)

Plan to attend The Starry Night….April 19th

     Posted on April 10th, 2014 by admin
The Second Annual

Enjoy an Evening of Arts

The Second Annual “Starry Night an Arts Experience” will take place at HCHS auditorium from 7-9pm. For a free evening of Arts you will want to attend.


In the arts classroom this week: April 14-18th

6th grade: students are using zen-doodle lines to create art. They will also be introduced to the Art of Ancient China through reading and later by making a pinch pot.

7th grade: students will finish their Surreal Collage and continue to work on their collaborative IPad Surreal works. They will next learn about artist Leonardo da Vinci as they begin working with drawing techniques & skills.

8th grade: students will finish modeling an animal sculpture. They will also read about American artist, George Catlin before beginning a project dealing with Pop Art.

Thanks for stopping by to see what is happening in the art room.

Mrs. Pulliam :)

4th Nine Weeks begins on Tues.

     Posted on March 30th, 2014 by admin

Welcome to my blog.  The 3rd 9 weeks will end on Mon. & the final (4th) will begin on Tues. Students will move to their final Explore classes then.

This week in the art classroom: all 3rd 9 weeks students will take their art works home on Monday

8th grade will view a video @ Pop Artist Andy Warhol on Monday.

7th grade will continue Monday to work on drawing with value as they draw a wooden egg on a pedestal adding shading by blending.

6th grade: students will create an origami jumping frog.

The 4th nine weeks students will be introduced to rules & procedures on Tues. then spend the remainder of the week creating a logo which they will draw onto their art folder that they will use this nine weeks.

I look forward to a great final nine weeks. :)

Final Test On Tues……..

     Posted on March 21st, 2014 by admin

Upcoming is the final full week of our 3rd 9 weeks. Wow……where did the time go. I think it got lost in the snow days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***Important…………our final test will be on Tues., March 25th for all classes. I announced this for a week, so I hope students have been reviewing.

6th grade will continue work with color theory and painting this week.

7th grade will finish their surreal colleges and continue to work on their collaborative surreal projects on the IPad. They will also work on a collaborative sculpture project later in the week.

8th grade will work on their animal sculpture project this week.

The last day of the 9 weeks will be Monday, March 31st. Students will then move to their final Explore classes for the year.

Thanks for stopping by……..Mrs. Pulliam

Happy St. Patrick’s Day…..

     Posted on March 15th, 2014 by admin

Hello Again,

I realized just the other day that this nine weeks is to end on March 31st. I do believe we lost some of our class time with all of the missed days. Well….we will just have to deal with this….and did I hear the word SNOW in the forecast for Sun into Mon. I hope not.


6th grade: students will work with color theory and painting.

7th grade: students will learn about Surrealism and will create a paper collage manipulating the illusion of space. Students will also collaborate with other students in their class to create a surreal work with technology.

8th grade: will read about artist John James Audubon, who is most noted for his bird paintings as well as other animals. They will work with clay later in the week to sculpt and animal.

We will have a final exam on Tues., March 2th if anyone wants to mark their calendars in preparation.

Have a great eve.

Mrs. Pulliam :)

I was so…..wrong about the warm weather.

     Posted on March 4th, 2014 by admin

Well, when I blogged last week I would have never dreamed we would miss two three more days of school due to snow. In Kentucky you just never know what the weather will be at any given moment. (I just had typed this when I got the message that school is closed yet again on Wed.). Oh well….what do you do about the weather????????

We did get our mid-term test in last Thurs. Most students have taken the test, but a few who were absent will need to make this test up this week. Mid terms were slated to go home on Mon. of this week, so I am pretty sure they will go home the first day we are back (which should be Thursday………..I hope!!!).

In the classroom:

6th grade will finish painting their pinch pots this week. They will also learn about artist Georgia O’Keeffee and color theory. Students will learn to use a color wheel as they begin to mix colors and see how colors relate to each other as seen and used in artworks.

7th grade will finish their Egyptian paintings then begin a study of Leonardo da Vinci. We will learn about the Renaissance artists use of space in their art works. Students will be able to see how different the flat looking Egyptian images they are finishing are compared to the three dimensional illusion used by artists of the Renaissance period.

8th grade will finish their Pop Art paintings this week. They will also read to learn about another early American artist named Matthew Brady. We will begin a new project most likely next week now due to missed days this week.

ALL CLASSES WILL HAVE A BELL RINGER QUIZ THIS FRIDAY…..Many students have not seemed to be studying their bell ringer notes for their quizzes. I hope this reminder will help them to do just that.

Have a great day. :) Mrs. Pulliam

Mid Term Week…..Test Wednesday!!!

     Posted on February 22nd, 2014 by admin


Believe it or not with all the snow days & delays we are actually approaching the mid term of this 9 weeks. I announced to students this past week that we will have a mid-term test in all classes this Thursday, Feb. 26th. Students were advised to study their bell ringers from this nine weeks. That is where the content for the test will come from.

I’m loving the Spring-time weather we’ve had over the past week, but I’m pretty sure Old Man Winter is just hiding out somewhere and will make another appearance before leaving for good this season.

The February dance will be made up this Friday, Feb. 28th the cost is $5.00 and concessions will be sold. The dance ends promptly at 5pm and students need to be picked up from the back cafeteria entrance.

In The Classroom:

This week’s bell ringers will cover subject matter in art (there will be questions on the mid term test about this content also).

6th grade: Students will have a lesson introducing Subject Matter in art on Mon. There will be homework due Tues. & a quiz over this information on Tues. Students will finish zendala designs this week and will also paint their pinch pots.

7th grade: will finish their Egyptian style self portraits this week.

8th grade: will continue to work on their Pop Art paintings this week. They will also be given a reading assignment about artist Matthew Brady after their test on Wed. and the questions from this text will be due on Thursday.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great evening!!!!

Warming Up & We are in school!!!!

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I think this week is our warm up week…..I’m seeing 60+ degrees in the forecast. I believe the snow will melt away. As much as I love the beauty of the snow scene…..I guess I’m ready to see it go so that we can get back to a normal routine at school.

We were in the classroom for four days last week and we accomplished much.

6th grade learned about the art of ancient China and made a pinch pot. The early culture of China is noted for their work in clay and pinch pots were some of the earliest methods of modeling clay. These will need to air dry for the next week before the students paint them. This week we will talk about the various ways to create sculptures, modeling being one of these four. We will next venture into drawing and learning about contour lines and zendoodles…… should be fun.

7th grade students finished their tessellations last week. They also had a reading assignment about the art of ancient Egypt, Greece & Rome. They will be working on an Egyptian figure drawing this week. They will transform this drawing into a painting.

8th grade worked on grid drawing and finished the week with a grid portrait drawing of one of their 8th grade teachers. They worked together as a group to complete this project. Next week students will learn about Pop Art and the artists who made this movement in art popular. They will begin a Pop Art painting.

Students will have their 2nd Bell Ringer quiz this coming Friday. Please encourage them to study their notes.

We will have 6th grade art club this Thursday, Feb. 6th

     Posted on February 5th, 2014 by admin

If we are in school tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 6th we will have our regular scheduled 6th grade Art Club from 3:30 to 4:30pm. Make sure your ride is at school no later than 4:30pm at the front of the building to pick you up.