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MLK Day….no school

     Posted on January 20th, 2014 by admin

Welcome to Pulliam’s Creative Studio…………….

Well…..here we go….we missed last Friday due to snow & then out today in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I have been listening to the weather reports today and it is possible that we might be out on Tues…….(let’s hope they get the forecast wrong, so that we can get back to the art room).

We missed last Friday…which was the 2nd Reward Day. This event will not be rescheduled. However, students who earned this event will still be compensated with a chance to win a prizes which will be awarded sometime this week.


I will collect bell ringers this Friday and we will have our first bell ringer quiz of the nine weeks. I hope students will take this seriously and look over their bell ringer questions as a study guide.

6TH GRADE: students will finish their creative name designs this week. The next topic will be a study of the importance & use of the Elements of Art. I am looking at a collage project to help students incorporate the elements and to also introduce the Principles of Design. We will look at artist, Henri Matisse for inspiration.

7TH GRADE: students will finish their name designs this week. Their next art project will deal with the patterns of a tessellation. I will introduce and discuss artist M.C. Escher and his influence with tessellations.

8TH GRADE: students will finish their name designs this week. They will then begin to learn about the use of a grid in drawing. We will take a look at artist, Chuck Close and his enlarged grid portraits.

Doesn’t all of that sound like fun times? I sure think so…….Take a few minutes to research the mentioned artists by following the links for each.


Mrs. Pulliam

The Third Nine Weeks Begins……Mon., Jan. 13th

     Posted on January 11th, 2014 by admin

Welcome to a new Nine Weeks…………..Students will move to their new Explore classes on Mon., Jan. 13th

This week happenings………..

On Friday of this week we will celebrate our second Reward Day. Students who met the academic criteria for the 2nd 9 weeks will be invited to participate in this event. Students who qualify for the event will either participate in or be spectators of a tug-of-war tournament at the end of the school day in the gymnasium. Also, during the event school clubs will be recognized. Students had to achieve 4 of 6 proficient scores criteria in classes and 6 of 9 GFE Jeans Days during the 2nd 9 weeks. Students will have a new opportunity beginning this week for the third nine weeks. The bar is raised each nine weeks to motivate our students to achieve high criteria academically as well as behaviorally. The criteria for the third nine weeks will be 5 of 6 proficient & 7 of 9 jeans days. Students & parents signed a contract at the beginning of the year stating the criteria.

7TH/8TH ART CLUB WILL MEET THIS THURSDAY, JAN. 16th from 3:30-4:30 pm.



MONDAY, JAN. 13TH: All classes will review classroom rules & procedures and begin to create their art portfolio folders for artwork storage. Students will also bring home a newsletter that will need to be signed by them and their parent signifying that they have all read and understand expectations for art class this nine weeks. The signature is due by Friday, Jan. 17th and counts as a grade. Failure to obtain signature and turn in will result in a zero in the grade book. LINK TO THE NEWSLETTER IN CASE YOUR CHILD DOES NOT BRING ONE HOME: art newsletter Jan. 2014 3rd 9 weeks PDF

TUESDAY, JAN. 14th: All classes will take a pre-art test. The results of the test will help determine the level of instruction needed for each class. Students will finish their art portfolio folders after their tests.

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 15th: each grade level class will work on different projects all dealing with the use of the Elements of Art. They will continue these projects through Friday and possibly into next week.

PLEASE VISIT www.artsonia.com to check out recently added art works from our classroom

We are back…….JANUARY 2014

     Posted on January 8th, 2014 by admin

Welcome all visitors, students, parents, etc.,

We finally got back to school on a 2 hour delay today, Wed., Jan. 8th. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Students will stay in their 2nd 9 weeks Explore classes for the remainder of this week. They will change to their new Explore classes on Monday, January 13th. Students will bring their works of art home on Friday!!!

6th grade are presently creating origami sculpture for the rest of this week. Today they learned how to fold an origami “jumping frog”. They also learned that in Japan the frog is a symbol of good luck. Tomorrow, students will learn of the legend of “1,000 cranes”. They will challenge their modeling sculpture skills to successfully fold this bird image. I wonder if any of the students will try to fold 1,000!!!

7th grade students are creating tessellations. They learned of the artist M.C. Escher who is well known for his creations of tessellating patterns. They will use their knowledge of how to successfully create a work of art with the art elements & principles of design in this final art creation this 9 weeks.

8th grade Advanced Art students are finishing their Expressive Masks as well as working on an assembled sculpture piece using broken glass. Students will finish both of these projects by Friday. I want to say that I have really enjoyed working with this group of 8th graders in our first ever Advanced Art Class. They have worked very hard, been very creative and hopefully learned more to help improve their artistic talents.

I love snow ….but I know we need to be in school……so let’s hope the rest of the winter is mild!!!!

Thanks for visiting!!!

Final Test Week…….then a break!!!

     Posted on December 15th, 2013 by admin

Welcome to my Blog…..





This week all students in my classes will take their final test on Tues. This test has been announced for well over a week so all should have been preparing by reviewing their notes, bell ringers and vocabulary words. We had a review last week to help them prepare as well.

6th grade will continue their unit of Asian art forms and will finish paper marbling then be introduced to origami. The marbled paper will be used to create origami gift boxes.

7th grade will begin a 3D project this week after reviewing the types & processes of sculpture. The sculpture will be an additive assembled collage piece.

8th grade Advanced Art will continue their Expressive modeled masks this week. Those who finish their maskes will begin an assembled sculpture from broken glass.

Friday will be an early dismissal day for all students. School will end at 11:30am after they have  brunch.


6th grade Art Club will have their next meeting as scheduled on Thursday, Jan. 3rd….the day we return from Christmas Breeak.

Be Thankful For Our Many Blessings…..

     Posted on November 24th, 2013 by admin

Greetings…..and Happy Thanksgiving Week!!!!

Students will only be in school Mon. & Tues. this week so that all can spend time with family over the Thanksgiving holiday.


6th grade will continue to work on using tempera paint to create a color wheel & color scheme chart. This is taking a little longer than I anticipted….we will work on a shape painting when we return from Thanksgiving break.

7th grade will continue and finish their Surreal Landscape drawing creating the illusion of space with overlapping, size variation, detail & focus, placement, linear perspective and color/value changes.

8th grade will continue work on their acrylic animal paintings on canvas.

When we return from Thanksgiving we will continue working hard in the classroom until the Christmas Break whichwill begin on Friday, Dec. 20th (which will be a half day).

Thanks, always, for stopping by.


     Posted on November 16th, 2013 by admin


**6th and 7th grade will have a Mid-Term Test on Wed., Nov. 20th this week. Test was announced last week …. so students should already be studying.

6th & 7th grade bell ringers this week will focus on Subject Matter in Art….Portraits, Landscapes, Still Life, Abstract & Non-Objective works.

8th grade advanced art bell ringers will focus on artist Thomas Cole & his landscape painting.

In The Classroom:

6TH Grade: Students will have a lesson on Subject Matter on Monday. There will be a quiz over this information on Friday. Students will model a pinch pot on Tues. We will also reflect upon last week’s reading assignment about the Art of China & their creation of pottery. Mid Term test is on Wed. On Thurs. we will begin a unit on Color Theory and will create a color wheel as we learn how to mix colors.

7th Grade: Students will finish thier shaded egg on a pedestal on Monday and turn these in for a grade. We will then begin a lesson on one point perspective on Tues. & resume that on Thurs. & Friday. Students will take their Mid Term test on Wed.

8th Grade Advanced Art will continue to work on their animal paintings using acrylic paint this week. The focus of this painting is to learn how to mix and match colors from a photo picture resource. Students will be assigned a reading passage and questions about artist, Thomas Cole on Mon. these will be due on Tues. Students will view two short videos this week about this artist also. Students will be given a new sketchbook assignment to be done as homework this week. This will be an illustration design that could possible be chosen to be used on an event brochure and/or poster design for the end of the year district Arts Event.

Thanks, as always, for taking time to read my blog. If you read this please send a note stating Parent Blog Reader, your child’s name & your signature. Send this in with your child for 5 bonus points by Friday, Nov. 22nd. I’m interested in seeing which parents are checking in. Thanks so much.

Don’t forget to visit www.Artsonia.com if you sent in permission for your child. I am in the process of updating the permissions over the weekend and into next week.


Check out ARTSONIA……..

     Posted on November 9th, 2013 by admin


Please check out this link www.artsonia.com You will also find the link in the sidebar. I will be sending a letter home to all art class & art club students about how HCMS art will begin to be a part of this online art museum. It is awesome. Your child will be able to have his/her artworks in an online gallery so that friends and family can view them. As well, if interested, you can even have your child’s art printed on many different items; such as mugs, mouse pads, iphone covers, canvases, t-shirts and much, much more. The bonus is….whatever you purchase will help our art program earn money that will go to purchase items for our art classroom….a WIN, WIN for all!!! So……look for that letter this week. And to really encourage the students to get them back to me in a hurry I will give students bonus points for returning the letter by this coming Friday, Nov. 15th. If you choose not to have your child’s art published on the website, just sign the top of the letter and mark through the permission form and I will still give your child bonus points for bringing the information home to you.


First of all…6th and 7th grades will focus on the Purposes of Art this week in their bell ringers. Bell ringers will be collected this Friday and students will have a bell ringer quiz. As well, Advanced Art classes will focus on artist, John James Audubon, in their bell ringers and they will also have a quiz on Friday after turning bell ringers in.

6th grade: Students will continue and finish their zen patterns on scratchboard by Tuesday. On Tuesday we will work with contour line drawing. We will finish the week with a contour composition of crushed soda cans to which students will add color.

7th grade: Most students finished the kaleidoscope drawings on Friday and also mounted them to colorful construction paper. They did a fantastic job on these. I will be photographing them and will put some sample works on the blog in the next few days. Students will next begin a unit on learning about artist & art of the Renaissance. They will focus on da Vinci. They will have a reading assignment & questions about da Vinci on Monday…..they will have time in class to work on these and they will need to be completed & turned in at the beginning of class on Tues. We will begin practice drawing basic forms on Wed. as we learn how to use various values to create the illusion of three dimensionality. Students will continue to work with drawing skills focusing on simple forms matching size and proportions as well as value.

Advanced Art: Students will continue to work on and finish their grid, value drawings of an arrangement of silverware. Students are learning to use the grid tool to help them continue to understand proportion as they learn to draw from a two dimensional source and add value & shading. Students were given a reading assignment Friday about artist, John James Audubon. This assignment is due at the beginning of class on Tues. We will begin a new project on Wed. of this week as students are assigned an acrylic painting on a small canvas. Students will apply what they are learning from grid drawing to the painting as they continue to use this resource to help draw in proportion the image which they will paint.

Please check the Student art gallery to the left side for new works of art added………You will be amazed at their toilet paper food sculptures….some look almost edible. :-)

Here is an example of one by Samantha, Cameron & Abby…..YUM!!!!!

"Steak & More"

November 4-8, 2013

     Posted on November 3rd, 2013 by admin

Here is what is happening in the HCMS art room this week: (6th & 7th graders bell ringer focus will be on the Principles of Design and the 8th grade Advanced Art bell ringers will focus on artists Matthew Brady & George Catlin)

6th grade:  On Mon. students will critique their Pizza Collage & reflect upon some questions in how they used the Elements of Art in their creation. For the remainder of the week students will focus on the art element Line in their creations. They will learn about Zen doodle lines as they create creative patterns. They will create a zendala and will begin a zendoodle on scratch-paper.

7th grade: Students will continue work on their creations of a kaleidoscope design using their name in bubble letters. They will focus on the Principle of Design “balance” in this radially balanced creation. They will also apply using emphasis, pattern & unity as they add color with the medium marker to complete their projects by weeks end.

8th grade/Advanced Art: Students will begin using a grid to help redraw images in proportion. They will also focus on using value & shape as they begin by recreating a drawing of a spoon.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by my blog……parents please contact me as the need arises.

Have a wonderful week, Mrs. Pulliam :)

We Are Into a New 9 Weeks……

     Posted on October 26th, 2013 by admin

We started our 2nd 9 weeks this past Wed. Students have found their way to their new Explore classes and we are up and running.

Your student will need to get his/her art newsletter signed and returned by this coming Tues., Oct. 29th. This signature is a grade…..so make sure you ask your student about this. If s/he forgets the newsetter at school, you can get a copy from this blog in the side bar to the left.

Here is what is happening this week: (6th & 7th grade classes will take a Pre-test on Wed. Although the grade will not count against the student please encouage them to try to do their best. This test will indicate what students already know or remember from previous art classes).

The first set of bell ringers will be collected this Friday and 6th & 7th graders will take a quiz over these. Please have your student study for this quiz. Both the bell ringers & the bell ringer quiz is for a grade.

6th grade: Students will finish their Chihuly sculpture we started last week. They should finish these on Tues. They will then begin a collage project dealing with the Elements of Art.

7th grade: Students are working on portraits….they will finish these on Tues. They will begin a Kalidescope Name design on Thursday and continue to work on this the first of next week. This project helps students focus on the use of Elements of art & Principles of design in thier art works.

8th grade: Students will continue and finish their Pop Art Food Sculpture by Wed. They will take time to reflect upon these as well. They will also see presentations about artist George Catlin & Matthew Brady this week. Students will learn about artist Chuck Close later in the week and how he uses a grid to help draw proportions correctly. Students will use a grid to create a value drawing. Also, a reminder, students have a sketchbook drawing of their self portrait due this coming Friday, Nov. 1st.

Sounds like a busy week in the art room………………..it is always a great time.

After Fall Break……..new 9 weeks begins on Wed.

     Posted on October 17th, 2013 by admin

Hi parents  & visitors,

When we return after Fall Break there will be 2 days of the 1st 9 weeks left. On Wed., Oct. 23rd students will begin their new Explore classes. Students from 1st 9 weeks will finish up projects on Mon. & will evaluate their portfolio of work on Tues. Students will have the opportunity to submit a piece of art for public display.(These works will be returned to the student later in the school year).

On Wed. 6th & 7th graders will begin the 9 weeks in my art class. My 8th graders in Advanced Art will remain with me until Christmas Break. 6th & 7th graders will be introduced/review classroom rules & procedures & will bring home a newsletter that will give you information about what is expected & what your child can expect in art class. This newsletter will need to be signed by both student & parent and returned by the due date of Friday, Oct. 25th. You can also find a copy of this newsletter on the side bar here under pages.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the information found in this blog.

Mrs. Pulliam

OUR FIRST REWARD DAY……will be on Friday, Oct. 25th. Students who meet the criteria set forth in a letter brought home earlier in the school year that student & parent were to sign & return will be allowed to attend this event. This same day will be the annual dress up day for students (more information about what type of dress is permitted will be announced before that event). There will also be a dance after school on the same day, Friday, Oct. 25th.