What Can I Do???
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Parents are always asking me what they can do with their child to encourage speech practice at home.  I have found another website to share with you. 

www.juniorsweb.com  has a section of "Speech Therapy Online".  There are several different activities.  One even allows you to select the speech sounds your child is working on in therapy.  Explore and enjoy!!!

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Help Your Child With…..
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  • Learn to Read
  • Learn Math
  • Learn History
  • Learn Geography
  • With Homework

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One Whole Week!!
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Yeah!!! We made it through one whole week.  I was so glad to see my "speechers".  I think they were even glad to be back in school.  I can tell that some of you practiced your speech during our days away from school.  Thank you for doing so.  It is helping you finish your goals much faster when you do work on days we don't have therapy.  Parents, if your child is receiving services, please encourage them to use their good speech sounds at home..

Next week I will only be here on Monday and Tuesday.  I will be attending the Kentucky Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention on Communication Disorders.  I am excited that I will be learning things to use in our therapy groups when I return.  Practice, Practice, Practice!!!!

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