Taking a Break to Read
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Next week, our schedule will change on Monday and Tuesday.  Southside students will be taking the DIBEL's Next assessment to get a baseline measure on every students reading (or reading readiness- letter and sound recognition) ability.  We will go back to our regular schedule on Wednesday.  Our 2nd grade will be taking a field trip to Morehead State University on Friday.

Have a great weekend-

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Ready! Set! Go!!!!!
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Pre-Schoolers Screened —-CHECK

Schedule Made————-CHECK

Therapy begins Monday 8:00 am—–CHECK!!!!!!!!!

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What a Fast Week!!
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It is hard to believe it is already Friday!!  I have touched base with several of my speech students.  It will take a few days to see everyone and check your speech.  Next week I will finalize my schedule.  Please be patient with me.  On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the speech pathologists will visit all schools and centers to screen the pre-schoolers and kindergarten students that did not come to the scheduled screening this summer.  That will take quite a bit of our time. We will begin therapy in week 3. 

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Are You Ready!!!
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It is time for a new year to begin.  You have the opportunity to have the best year yet!!!  I hope to see you come into the building with an "I can" attitude and ready to follow through with it.  I have missed my "Speech Friends" so much this summer.  I can't wait to see you!!  I am so excited to see how much your "speech has grown" this summer. 

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