HOW I ACT- Westside Behavior Program

HOW I ACT is an acronym for our school’s behavior policy. Each letter stands for a student expectation.

H = Honesty
O= Obeying the Rules
W = Turning Work In
I = Being Involved in Class
A = Having a Good Attitude
C = Being Courteous to Others
T = Talking at Appropriate Times

HOW I ACT is a school wide program. Students are expected to follow these rules whether they are in special classes, the cafeteria, the hallways, classrooms, etc. If a student is not behaving appropriately, then a letter will be marked next to their name on our classroom clipboard . (For example, if a student is caught talking at an inappropriate time, they would be given a T.) Each mark counts as 5 minutes off of playing time with their classmates during recess. Students will still be receiving physical activity during their owed time, but they will be separated from their peers for the amount of time they owe.

There is a 2 week tracking period for student behavior. If a student receives 5 marks, then a parent note will be sent home. The note is to be signed by the parent and returned the next day. If a student receives 8 marks, then a phone call will be made to the parents. Once a student reaches their 10th mark for the 2 week tracking period, they will be sent to the BUMP Room. This is a separate classroom in the Community Education Building. Students are transported there by bus once they reach Westside. The amount of days spent at the BUMP Room varies and is determined by the principal. Some actions (like defiance, fighting, etc.) may be an automatic trip to the BUMP Room, regardless of the amount of marks a student has. This will be determined by the principal. Visits to the BUMP Room reflect on student conduct grades. Conduct grades are also part of the A/B Honor Roll for the 4th and 5th grades.

There are also rewards for students who behave appropriately during the 2 week tracking period. Every other Monday students who have received 4 or LESS marks for the tracking period will be allowed to eat lunch in the classroom with the teacher. A short video will be played during this time as well. Over the year, other incentives may be given out.

A Student Behavior Report will be sent home every other Monday. This will let parents know how many marks their child has received over the 2 week period. This note must be signed by the parent and returned to the teacher within 2 days.