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Who Am I……What Do I Believe?

Since we are in the business of educating and teaching, I will start there. I am a product of the Anne Arundel County public school system in Maryland. I graduated from Arundel High School in 1986. I came to Lexington, Kentucky as a student-athlete and graduated from UK with a Bachelor of Science degree in carpentry education. I continued my education at EKU where I received my masters in technology education and Rank I in education administration.

I was certainly not the smartest kid in the classroom but my parents (fortunately) pushed me to take challenging classes in high school; particularly in math and science. Truth be told, like other teenagers I had hopes that my parents would’ve “let me slide” a little in terms of taking highly challenging courses. However, in hindsight, I owe my parents a great deal of thanks as they strongly emphasized the importance of a sound education even though neither of them attended college. They were….my first teachers.

I was not an honor-roll student throughout most of my middle/junior high and high school education but the “fire” placed under me by my parents forced me into challenging courses with students much more academically sound than me. Through many years of my own education, my career as a teacher and administrator, and my responsibilities as a father of two boys, I have forged some strong held beliefs about education. Here are some of them:

1. Parents/Guardians are the FIRST teacher. Kids today go to school ~172 days a year; 7 hours a day. That leaves approximately 193 days out of the year plus the other 17 hours in every school day where they’re away from school. What are they learning during that time and who is teaching them?

2. We (adults) teach intentionally (math, science, reading, etc.) but we also teach unintentionally (attitudes, behaviors, values, etc.) and the unintentional lessons are absorbed just as much as the intentional.

3. A child’s education is THE best “ticket” to keep the chance of future opportunities a reality . Simply put, a stronger fundamental education will open many more doors of opportunity in adulthood than a poor education. Far fewer choices of opportunity present themselves with a poor education. For all of the aspiring athletes that wish to play professional sports when they grow up…. Have an education too. Everybody needs insurance.

4. School teaches us exponentially more than what we think it does.

5. School may be the most caring, inviting place a child has in their life and any/all adults in this school CAN make a positive difference.

6. College, as we know it today, is NOT for everyone but an advanced learning/career-specific education past high school is vital to adult employment opportunities and an overall “better” quality of life.

7. Most children do not inherently push themselves; particularly in school. Kids typically don’t understand the true value of an education until AFTER they’ve reached adulthood. It is the moral responsibility of a parent/guardian’s to instill this mindset day in and day out. One day they will appreciate it.

8. With technology exponentially changing our world as RAPIDLY as it is, the best overall lesson/skill for the future will be a child’s ability to adapt and change to these new learning methods. A method used today may be obsolete in a very short amount of time. The ability to learn and relearn will be critical.

Keep in mind…

I want parents and guardians to know you never need to make an “appointment” to see me. However, if I am in the middle of something I may not be able to meet right when you come in.

Our first job is to keep your children safe. I shape my decisions based on that first job.

At some point, we may disagree. I will have an opinion about a particular matter you bring to me. I will respect your right to disagree and I ask that you reciprocate.

I am confident in my abilities to run a safe, efficient, and educationally conducive school. That said, I am human and I make mistakes… EVERY day.

I will always remain humble in the thought that I need to constantly improve as a principal, a husband, a dad, and a Christian.

Let’s have a great school year.

Your Principal,

Michael E. McIntire


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