Statement from Dr. Harry Burchett on October 17 safety activities

During the morning hours on Thursday, October 17, 2019, the Harrison County School District conducted a joint safety and security operational training at Harrison County High School, Harrison County Middle School, other school grounds on the Hilltop and the Area Technology Center.

This activity included statutorily required lockdown drills, safety and security sweeps, and drug dog searches of areas outside the presence of students.  During this training, students and staff spent their time practicing hard and soft lockdown procedures in the safety of their individual classrooms. This training operation was intended to both practice our safety protocols and to also search for any illegal substances.  The operation was successful, and we will be debriefing with personnel to identify areas of strength as well as opportunities for improvement.  

I know that these times can be stressful to students, parents and the community, but please understand that our entire school staff works very hard to provide the safest learning environment possible for the students of Harrison County. Kentucky statute requires us to provide set safety measures and to practice those measures on a regular basis. The Harrison County School District’s foremost goal is to ensure the safety of our students.

Please know and share with all students to expect ongoing, impromptu drills and safety checks at our schools. These will be randomly conducted from this point forward to ensure building security, compliance, and proper protocol. All of this safety work is performed in an effort to best protect our children in the event of an actual threat. 

Participating with the district was the Kentucky State Police, Cynthiana Police Department and the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department.

Harry E. Burchett, Superintendent
Harrison County Schools

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