Updated Dress Code

DRESS CODE (Principal’s Message): We have made a substantial move to a more user-friendly dress code. We have utilized the help of actual students to help shape the following document (HCMS Student Leadership Team). There are certainly more offering/choices for students than the last 15+ years. We expect every student, every day to fall within the limits of this dress code. Modesty is important and the educational “environment” is paramount. School administration reserves the right to limit ANY appearance choice that may not be covered in the following document that could potentially disrupt the educational process.

The following are NOT allowed:

  • Leggings, tights, yoga pants
  • Sweatpants, jogging pants, athletic shorts
  • Any clothing printed with inappropriate language, slogans, pictures OR clothing that contains advertising of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs
  • Hats worn once entering HCMS
  • Coveralls or “Bibs”
  • Chain belts, wallet chains
  • Sunglasses, bandannas, scarves, sweatbands, rakes, combs, rollers, non-jewelry chains/necklaces
  • Any clothing that reveals cleavage. No part of breast area is to be exposed. Modesty is expected
  • Dresses/Skirts unless cleared beforehand by teacher/sponsor/school administration

1.  Pants/Shorts

  • Jeans/denim may be worn
  • Absolutely NO holes (Note: this INCLUDES- slits/tears/frays)
  • If shorts are worn, they must pass “Flamingo Test” length. Stand straight, bend one leg at the knee and hold up parallel to floor. Bottom of shorts must touch back of calf.
  • No cargo pockets on pants or shorts
  • No sagging and/or exposure of undergarments when sitting or standing

2. Shirts/Tops

  • Must have sleeves
  • Absolutely NO holes
  • Crew neckT-shirts, collared button-downs, or polo-style shirts only. (No clothing can reveal cleavage. No part of breast area is to be exposed)
  • Tucking is not required
  • Any top worn must be long enough to cover midriff through any range of motion (no skin exposed)

3. Sweatshirts/Sweaters/Zipped Tops

  • No hooded sweatshirts worn during the school day unless on designated dress-down days

4. Shoes

  • No flip-flops
  • Must be close-toed
  • Shoelaces need to be tied (or tucked into shoes)

5. Miscellaneous/Outerwear

  • Coats/Bulky outerwear must be stored in locker throughout school day
  • Book bags/backpacks/oversized purses/fanny packs/laptop cases are to be stored in locker throughout school day
  • All clothing needs to be appropriately sized for the individual


  1. One warning/call to parent or guardian
  2. Defiance for any/all offenses AFTER “1” from above

On Fridays, as a built-in weekly reward to students, students CAN qualify for an additional choice to the dress code: Hooded sweatshirts may be an added choice as long as the hood is not “up” throughout the school day. (NO OTHER DRESS CODE MODIFICATIONS on FRIDAYS.)


If a teacher is conducting a special class activity that requires special attire, the staff member will seek prior approval from the administration and contact the parents in writing in advance about the event and type of clothing. New students will have a grace period to comply with the dress code. The allotted time will be determined by the administration. The wearing of any attire, cosmetics, presentation of extraordinary personal appearance, or any unsanitary body conditions, which in the judgment of the school administration significantly disrupts the school’s educational environment or threatens the health/welfare of students or staff, will not be tolerated.

We have made clear what our goals are and what we expect. Teenagers by nature like to push issues to the edge- we understand. However, to save you money and aggravation, we encourage parents to make sure that what you buy is totally compliant.

Administration reserves the right to restrict any clothing that, in their professional opinion, interrupts the educational process beyond the aforementioned rules.