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    Cynthiana, Kentucky (April 20, 2020) - Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has announced to Kentucky's superintendents that schools would not be able to return to regular in-person classes for the remainder of the current school year.
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HCMS Locker Pickup Procedures


HCMS Shut-Down/Student Locker Return

General Plan/Reasoning: We are attempting to make this as smooth and convenient as possible without having masses of students coming into the school building.  Please know that this is a TWO WEEK process.  The first week is alphabetized to make sure we don’t have major back-ups and lines the very first day. The second week will NOT have last name requirements.  Please note the following:

  1. Staff teams will be bagging ALL (yes, all!) of your child’s belongings they find in your child’s locker.
  2. This MAY include your child’s “trash” and collections over the entire year (think “Hoarding” middle-school style).
  3. The only thing we’ll take out are confirmed items that belong to the school (calculators, textbooks, library books, etc.)
  4. Parents must pick up their own child’s belongings.  We can NOT release items to you on behalf of another parent. As Andy would say, “Y’all can’t be doin’ that.”
  5. In addition to locker contents, IF Lifetouch (school pictures) are sent to the school in time, they’ll also be included.  Also, if your child ordered a yearbook, and they’ve been received here at HCMS by the company, they’ll be returned with locker items.
  6. Please note, middle-schoolers sometimes like to “share” lockers.  We will return the contents of the locker assigned to that specific student. If someone else’s “stuff” is in their locker, the individual will need to contact the other individual outside of school to return it.
  7. 2020-21 Registration forms will also be included.


Week ONE May 11-15 (Monday-Friday)

Drive-Thru parent/student belonging pick-up based on two things:  Last name of student and by DAY OF WEEK.


  • Monday May 11 : Last name A-C  
    • 10am-6pm


  • Tuesday May 12: Last name D-F
    • 10am-6pm


  • Wednesday May 13: Last name G-K
    •  10am-6pm


  • Thursday May 14: Last Name: L-R
    • 10am-6pm


  • Friday May 15: Last name S-Z
    • 10am-6pm





Week TWO May 18-22 (Monday-Friday)

Like WEEK ONE, Drive-Thru parent/student belonging pick-up but open to any name and no restriction on day of week.

  • Monday May 18 :
    • 10am-6pm


  • Tuesday May 19:
    • 10am-6pm


  • Wednesday May 20:
    •  10am-6pm


  • Thursday May 21:
    • 10am-6pm


  • Friday May 22:
    • 10am-6pm




This process will look a lot like student pick-up.  Cars will drive from Southside Elementary.  As you approach HCMS and the front parking lot widens, veer slightly RIGHT and drive up along the curb at the FRONT of the school to the administrator out front.

  1. Administrator will ask for the last name (please follow last name rules for week ONE)
  2. Administrator will “radio” the back parking lot & staff members working in gym to locate/bring out student belongings (if siblings, we CAN give multiple bags).
  3. Car will pull around HCMS and into back parking lot where staff member will give all belongings to that student/representative.
  4. Done.

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