Archery Team


With each new school year, the Harrison County Schools Archery Program keeps increasing their number of students shooting and coaches volunteering their time to improve the skill set of their teams.  As a result, the HCMS team is currently ranked #1 in the state and #2 in the nation.  When they compete at the state level in March, the students will be aiming to bring home the state championship title for the 3rd year in a row. 

Not only is the middle school team bringing home trophies and medals, but the high school team is ranked #9 in the state, Southside Elementary is ranked #12 in the state and Northside Elementary is ranked #13 in the state.  Head coach Jeff Fryman said he is often asked how his teams are so successful and he always gives the same response, “Hard work, patience and the most important thing is love.  You have to love working with the kids even when times aren’t always going well.  We have an astonishing group of people supporting the program from volunteers, parents and last, but not least, the coaching staff.”  Coach Fryman is also proud of the compliments he receives at tournaments about how polite and well mannered his archers behave. “So not only are they doing great competitively, but they are also representing Harrison County by being good stewards.”  

Way to go, HC archers! Keep up the good work!