Automotive Technology

Auto Maintenance and Light Repair
Automotive Engineering- HYBRID with PLTW

Business Education

Business Management

Medical Administrative Assisting

Computerized Manufacturing & Machining

Machinist Technician
Machinist Operator
Computer Numerical Control Operator
Computerized Manufacturing & Machining Engineering- HYBRID with PLTW


Environmental Control System Technician

Health Sciences

Allied Health
Pharmacy Technician

Industrial Maintenance Technology

Maintenance Mechanic
Electrical Technician
Maintenance Machinist
Electrical Engineering- HYBRID with PLTW

Information Technology

Web Development and Administration
Network Administration


Welder Entry-Level
Welding Engineering- HYBRID with PLTW

A Career Pathway is a series of articulated educational and training programs and services that enables students, often while they are working, to advance over time to successively higher levels of education and employment in a given industry or occupational sector. Each step on a career pathway is designed explicitly to develop a student's core academic, technical and employability skills while providing them with continuous education and training which will fill the need for more highly trained and skilled workers.

16 Career Clusters link to 70+ more specific Career Pathways – each having their own knowledge and skills requirements. Within the 70+ career pathways, 1800 Career Specialties are identified.

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Career Clusters

The primary purpose of an area technology center (ATC) is to serve high school students by enhancing and expanding student career options that lead to continuation of education at the postsecondary level and/or successful employment upon graduation from high school. Students receive instruction in sound academic principles, theory, laboratory and clinical experiences to ensure they can compete successfully in today's changing workplace.

"Career Pathways" is a workforce development strategy to support workers’ transitions from education into and through the workforce with a focus on high-demand, high-opportunity jobs. A career pathways initiative consists of a partnership among community colleges, primary and secondary schools, workforce and economic development agencies, employers, labor groups and social service providers.