Good Luck on MAP 1

Starting next week, HCMS students will begin MAP testing in reading & math.  I am well aware that public education can sometimes overcomplicate things so I’ll attempt to briefly mention the purpose of students taking MAP. 

MAP testing is used to determine what students know and don’t know in terms of reading and math skills.  If a student gets a correct answer, the subsequent computer question advances them to a higher order question. Conversely, if they answer a question incorrectly their next question will generally tick down in rigor.  When we get the results, MAP assesses their performance level similar to that of Kentucky State Testing (Novice, Apprentice, Proficient, Distinguished). Teachers can then tailor future instruction more efficiently as it finds the relative strengths and weaknesses of a particular student.

The absolutely critical aspect of MAP is student effort.  If the student does not “try”, data attained from MAP is pretty worthless. Please encourage your student to put forth good effort as we try to academically push them in reading and math.

Again, MAP Testing begins next week. We MAP test 3 times a year (Fall, Winter, Spring) to monitor student progression.

- Mr. McIntire